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Our customer is Nissin Foods, the inventor of instant noodles. It was established in Japan in 1948 and is best known for Cup Noodles and that college staple, Top Ramen.

About Solution

Claims Management System is a web based application for customer claims processing. The application is designed for internal use within the company which has quite a number of markets and brokers in different regions. Taking into account the amount of regional brokers and their clients, the number of claims may rise up to a significant volume. Thus it was vitally important for the company to optimize processing of the claims with an automated tool like the Claims Management System.

The application automates claims processing flow by sorting the claims by region or market and forwarding them for further processing to a responsible body of the Company. Every time a claim is modified and assigned to a responsible person, the person automatically receives a notification. Since the server part of the application is hosted on the MS Azure Cloud service the responsible person can use any PC connected to the Internet to look through the claim and forward it to the respective department. The Claims Management System supports all commonly used Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Once claim is created or updated, the system creates a new revision of the claim and stores the previous one in the history. For each revision the application indicates the modifier name, modification date and claim content.

All users registered in the system have user roles with specific permissions and features available for each one.

User Roles:

General features of Claims Management System:

  • Registering incoming customer’s claims into the system;
  • Managing claims and providing employees access on a territorial basis (regions, markets);
  • Automating claim approval flow between responsible company employees/departments;
  • Automated e-mail notification of claim updates;
  • Using the company’s products database for claim input automation and validity check.

Project Background

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to develop a web based application for improving the process of managing claims submitted by its customers. Before turning to EffectiveSoft the customer already had a similar system but was not satisfied by its performance and functionality. So it was decided to replace the existing system with a new and improved one.

What and How We Did

The whole system was developed from scratch along with specifications and GUI mock-ups by EffectiveSoft. Upon studying the customer requirements our developers decided to build the client part as a browser-based Single Page Application on the basis of AngularJS. ASP.NET Web API was used for data management in the server part, which is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. For user authentication developer team used Azure Active Directory which was synchronized with local AD of the Customer by means of AAD sync service. Since the MS Azure service is relatively new and developers of EffectiveSoft had little experience of working with it, that was a little challenge for us to make the application work properly.

During the process of development specialists of EffectiveSoft closely communicated with the customer discussing every feature to be integrated into the application.

QA assurance specialists made sure the system functioned properly and in a strict accordance with the requirements. The customer was fully satisfied with results.

Project Resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

About 1000 man-hours


Project manager, Business Analyst, 3 Software developers, 1 QA engineer


Requirements specification, GUI mock-ups

Lines of code

Approx. 4800


C#, JavaScript, SQL

Technologies & Tools

MS Visual Studio, MS Azure, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Management Studio, AngularJS, Sublime, Git



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