Mark Recorder for Windows Phone

Mark Recorder for Windows Phone is an advanced audio recorder application. The application was developed by EffectiveSoft. It allows you to mark specific places during recording so that you can quickly find them and listen to them later.

Project background

Mark Recorder is a useful mobile solution for audio recording. This is a recording software app for Windows Phone. Mark Recorder is a smart dictaphone. It provides new useful features missing and long-awaited in ordinary recording. In particular it allows you to mark preferable fragments while recording for easier access to them afterwards. In the audio file, you can next navigate between marks, select and listen to a fragment of interest.

Solution highlights

This applications are useful for students during lectures, businessmen during negotiations anyone, who needs to mark preferable moments and have a good chance to find them at the time of listening.

Customer benefits

Project utilizes

Total project development time


Lines of code


Tools & Technologies

Autofac, NotifyPropertyWeaver, Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit



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