Artful Calculator

About Solution

Artful Calculator, developed for Digitalchemy, LCC, is one of those amazing solutions that turns a routine task into a delightful experience.

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Project Background

The customer of EffectiveSoft is Digitalchemy, LLC, a developer of creative solutions for everyday tasks. Having developed a number of innovative calculators running on iOS, Android, and Windows 8, the customer wanted to delight the users with a new, more beautiful solution than just a simple calculator. The development of Artful Calculator was the first project with Digitalchemy which turned out to be a great success later on.

What and How We Did

The customer had the sources in .NET, coded in Java. The objective of the Artful Calculator development was to have a cross-platform solution with the same business logic.

Digitalchemy were excited to offer users of all ages a new amazing solution, proving that the ideas could perfectly materialize with a skilled team of developers.

Project Resume

Business model Time & Material
Development model Agile
Project workload iPhone: 1000 man-hours
Android: 700 man-hours
Team 1 iOS developer
2 Android developers
Documentation Absent
Languages iPhone: Objective-C
Technologies & tools iPhone: Xcode, iPhone SDK, J2ObjC
Android: IntelliJ IDEA 13.0, Android SDK, GIT, Samsung SDK, Amazon Mobile Ads SDK, FlurryAnalytics SDK, Google Analytics SDK
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