This is an online print ordering system that is used by building and construction companies throughout Sweden and outside. The system provides the functionality of order, customer, and print shop management.

Project background

Due to the growing demand for the Arkitektkopia services, the customer considered it necessary to re-design and re-develop his online print ordering system. EffectiveSoft was selected as a service vendor. Our specialists analyzed the customer's requirements in details, jointly worked out thorough specifications, optimized system architecture, enhanced usability and performance, made the design uniform throughout the system, and enriched it with some on-demand features.

Continuous technical support is provided for the customer along with the development of new modules and enhancements implementation of the existing modules.

Solution highlights

The Arkitektkopia system connects the customers who need their construction documentation printed with the print shops all around Sweden and outside. Arkitektkopia is implemented as a multi-tiered distributed Web application. The system includes the customer and administration applications.

The customer web application provides the following functionality:

The administration web application provides the following functionality:

In addition, a client application, AKOPI Barcode Scanner Agent, is developed to facilitate processing of print orders by scanning their barcode.

Among other system features is multi-language support (Swedish and English).

Benefits for the customer

Around-the-clock availability, scalability, high reliability, secure orders storage, ease of interface localization, operability in the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Project utilizes

Total project development time

3 years

Lines of code

C#/C++ - 172,406, HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 31,101


MS Visual Studio .NET, MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office


C#, ASP.NET, C++, ActiveX, Java, ADO.NET, IIS, MS SQL Server 2000, HTML/CSS/JavaScript Windows Clustering Service, Network Load Balancing

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