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Bookmark Manager for Android

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Manager Lite for Android
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Bookmark Manager is a simple utility for organizing bookmarks in your mobile device. The application was developed by EffectiveSoft. This software helps manage the electronic bookmarks and allows to conveniently group them.

Project Background

Bookmark Manager is an excellent solution for managing bookmarks on your smartphone and/or tablet. Using this Android application, you'll be able to categorize the electronic bookmarks, search for them quickly etc. It's common knowledge that today's websites look differently and work on different mobile browsers. That's why we have provided for the important function which will allow you to choose a certain browser for every bookmark.

Solution highlights

With the help of Bookmark Manager for Android you will be able to:

What's New in Bookmark Manager Version 2.5:

Customer benefits

Project Utilizes



Business model

Non-commercial project

Development model


Project workload



1 Project manager, 1 designer, 1 mobile developer, 1 QA specialist


Design sketches, requirements specification

Total project development time

250 hours

Lines of code




Technologies & tools

Eclipse 4.2, Android SDK, SQLite, Photoshop