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AIR Demo AIR Demo AIR Demo

Here you can see an example of Adobe AIR application created by EffectiveSoft team. Adobe AIR is a cross platform application, so it can be easily adapted to different operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh. AIR programmers of EffectiveSoft have created useful desktop software AIR Universal Notepad for collecting and management of different files types.

Kindly download Adobe AIR here and after installing it you can get access to AIR Demo - Universal Notepad by EffectiveSoft.

Project background

A demo version of application is supposed to be convenient and user-friendly to attract potential customers and to show benefits of using new technology. AIR Universal Notepad by EffectiveSoft, created with such technologies as AIR, SQLite, XML, is a smart desktop application for documents management; it allows to collect useful information in one available place and to get quick access to all necessary files.

Solution highlights

The functionality of the solution includes:

Benefits for our customer:

Project utilizes

Total project development time:
24 days
Lines of code:
4511 lines
Flex Builder 3.0
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