Access Mobile for Android/BlackBerry

Access Mobile is a custom business application, a mobile software solution providing high-capacity two-way integration between Android/BlackBerry and a web-based corporate Access system. The application allows the company staff members to access their personal accounts within the corporate system. The user can manage timesheets, absences, business-related purchase requests and expenses, track the approval status of the mentioned activities, etc.

Project Background

The customer, Access UK, Ltd., turned to our company with the request to develop Android and BlackBerry applications to make the management of projects, resources, time and expenses within the organization easier.

Our development team was provided with an analogous iPhone application as an example. During the project we accomplished the following tasks:

  • In view of the specificity of Android and BlackBerry platforms, we developed a common Java core (cross-platform business logic), which allowed to reduce the development time and the project budget.
  • Concerning platform-specific features, we modified interface to access the database, web-services, and platform-specific UI.
  • Tested both applications.

As a result, the customer received appealing apps that now successfully deliver critical, realtime information straight into hands of staff and managers alike. Featuring a wide range of productivity features, the apps offer a seamless integration with a business system, turning a phone into an essential business tool.

Solution highlights

  • The customer received high-performance Android and BlackBerry applications successfully performing the intended functions.
  • Both solutions are applied for realtime exchange of critical
  • The user can easily submit expenses both for future and past events (expense claims) on the go.
  • It is possible to attach images (bills, for example).
  • Submissions are sent ready-formatted to managers to quickly approve (or reject) along with explanatory notes.
  • For any purchase request or expense claim, a document can be attached.
  • The documents are stored locally in a separate folder and can be supplied with additional comments any time.

Project Utilizes

Business model

Time and material

Development model

Rapid prototyping

Project workload

1100 man-hours

Project team

Software development team
QA engineer
Project Manager


Requirements specification, iPhone application as a prototype

Lines of code

Approx. 35000



Technologies & Tools

Android SDK 2.0, BlackBerry SDK 5.0, BlackBerry simulators and
devices, Android devices and simulators

Industry expertise

Mobile solutions

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