Access Control Enterprise – case study

The customer, a leading manufacturer and distributor of access control system packages for commercial and domestic properties, requested EffectiveSoft to develop an Access Control Management System to manage staff and guest admittance to specific areas in a given physical facility.

How we addressed the task

Our team developed from scratch all the system integral parts as C# solutions (Security Manager, Data Manager, Hardware Manager, and Monitoring Tool). As far as the Hardware Manager is concerned, EffectiveSoft created only mock-ups that were then used to prepare a complete solution from the customer’s side.

For the specifications development and applications testing we used the following technologies:

  • – WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Expression Blend 4 to develop an application user interface;
  • – WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to provide secure and reliable data exchange between client applications and the server;
  • – DirectShow to allow working with videos from the door cameras.

The project was a real success for both sides, which resulted in further fruitful collaboration and preparation of three other joint projects.

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Project Resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model

Concurrent Development

Project workload

About 4 600 man-hours

Project team

1 project manager, 3 developers, 1 QA specialist, 2 designers, 1 technical writer


Functional specification, project plan, test cases, help system

Lines of code

About 140 000



Technologies & tools

.NET 4.0, WCF, WPF, DirectShow, Expression Blend 4, MS SQL



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