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Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations & portals development

Enriched system for efficient data management, advanced workflows, and effective PERS delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations & portals development

    Client and challenge

    MedScope America Corporation is a private company that provides Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) and value-added services to help keep at-risk patients safe outside the hospital. Their PERS devices allow the patients to get immediate and accurate medical assistance, decreasing hospital readmissions.

    Given our long and successful partnership, the client approached EffectiveSoft to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM the company was using to manage their data and workflows since the system lacked some entities critical for MedScope. In addition, the client asked our team to find a way to automate some routine tasks and digitize data management so as to achieve care delivery efficiency.

    • Client

    • Country

    • Solution

    • Domain

    • Service

      CRM customization
    • Technology

      C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, SQL


    We started our work on the project with the MS Dynamics CRM customizations to align all the workflows with MedScope’s activities. Performing reverse engineering, the team integrated the add-ons vital for our client to deliver top-notch and streamlined services.

    Our developers provided the system with:

    • Role-Based View
    • Billing System
    • Automatic Price Calculation
    • Google and Bing Maps Support
    • Address Verification
    • Mailing Labels Generation
    • Shipment History Control

    Then, we proceeded with the development and introduction of portals. Working on the task, our team provided a two-way data synchronization between the medical CRM system and portals.

    Our client’s day-to-day tasks include not only internal processes, but also constant work with customers and contractors, such as installers who come to the end users to help them set up the PERS devices. In this regard, we created and implemented the following portals in order to speed up and automate:

    Customer registration:

    Customer Intake Online Portal

    This portal is designed to register new patients and remove former ones. This is the place where all the necessary information about the end users is collected and stored. To secure the data, our developers provided multi-factor verification.

    Customer registration

    Technical service:

    Advanced Installer Portal

    This portal is developed to place orders for installers, calculate the best route, and generate invoices for installers via the integrated service.

    Troubleshooting Portal

    This portal is created for technicians to remotely connect, test, and fix devices if any problems arise.

    In-house Workflows:

    Orders Fulfillment Portal

    This portal is built to optimize the work with the warehouse. Here, the staff can track the full cycle of the device delivery as well as sort, evaluate, refurbish, and recycle returned devices.

    Job Posting Portal

    This portal is integrated with the job site and intended to hit suitable candidates for open vacancies.

    Reporting Portal

    This portal is created to build database driven infographics, icons, and diagrams.

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    We customized the MS Dynamics CRM to the client’s needs and developed all the portals from the ground up. Our contribution allowed the client to automate a significant amount of internal and external tasks, which led to faster PERS and care delivery, hence — customer satisfaction.

    The long-term partnership between MedScope and EffectiveSoft only strengthens with time. For over 10 years, our team has been assisting the MedScope’s in-house team in improving their software by modifying plug-ins, the client’s workflow actions, portals, integrations with third-party services, and more.


    • Google Maps and Bing
    • QuickBooks Online
    • EZClaim
    • Authorize.Net
    • Net-Results
    • VeraCore
    • USPS
    • FedEx

    Tech Stack

      • JavaScript
      • C#
      • TypeScript
      • HTML
      • SQL
      • MS Dynamics CRM SDK
      • SOAP
      • WCF
      • ASP.NET
      • MVC
      • Razor
      • jQuery
      • jQuery UI
      • Angular
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • Export to Excel & PDF
      • QBO SDK
      • .NET
      • .NET Core
      • MS Visual Studio
      • MS SQL Server
      • MS Graph 1.0
      • oAuth 2.0
      • Restful
      • third-party APIs

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