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BOSS™ instrument console

As a part of the innovative optical-scanning diagnostic platform designed for assessment of biomechanical properties of the eye.

BOSS™ Instrument Console

    Customer & challenge

    Intelon Optics, a medical device company, focuses on the next-gen technology that allows point-by-point assessment and diagnosis of biomechanical properties of ocular tissues, such as cornea, sclera and lens.

    Our partnership with Intelon Optics started shortly after the launch of their sophisticated project. EffectiveSoft mission was to fully develop the Instrument Console – a core of the BOSSTM optical-scanning diagnostic platform. The console receives eye scans from a special controller-device and presents biomechanical measurements within different patterns.

    Since the custom healthcare software solution is based on the extended Brillouin technique and is intended to eyecare practioners around the world, there was a set of rather strict requirements related to administering, scalability and measurements accuracy.

    What we did and how we did it

    We developed the front- and back-end parts of the Instrument Console from the ground up based on provided functional requirements and wireframes created by our designer. The console functions as a multi-tier solution with fast TCP/IP XML serialized socket data exchange between instrumental/algorithmic and business tiers. Integration of tiers is implemented locally and abroad. HIPAA-compliant features are based on a strict data access model including user/group/role/permission mapping and “tenanted” data access. This means that operators are allowed to see only the data they need for performing their immediate tasks. All the data is encrypted by using the RSA algorithm.

    Distinctive features:

    • High-level administering and role-based access.
    • Patients management and data sharing with other involved parties.
    • A choice of scan patterns with a different number of points to exam the eye texture.
    • Ability to add additional points for a deeper examination along with application of certain options.
    • Biomechanical measurements visualization and detailing of each point in particular.
    • Export of measurements data to external files.

    Benefits for eyecare professionals

    • Accurate and precise assessment of the eye health.
    • Ease of repeatable measurements, which are of great importance during healing processes and progressive disease treatment.
    • Highly predictive and deterministic outcomes in post-surgery cases.

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