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LabOnline app for iOS

An application for medical laboratory and healthcare professionals intended to collect patients’ data in one place for better diagnosing, treating, and monitoring diseases.

LabOnline app for iOS

    Client and challenge

    The US-located medical institution providing health care and related services, including clinical laboratory services, needed a tool to streamline the hospital workflows, support informed decision-making, and improve patient care.

    EffectiveSoft was chosen for mobile medical app development. We created an iOS application for quick access to the necessary patient data to replace slow paper-based processes and sluggish desktop systems.

    • Country

    • Domain

    • Service

      Mobile app development
    • Solution

      Mobile app
    • Technology

      iOS, Fabric, AFNetworking


    Lab Online is a native mobile application that helps to do a quick search on the patients’ test results and follow-up prescriptions. It has the following sections:

    Patients – displays the list of the patients who have undergone lab tests (personal info, such as an address and birth date, is extracted from the central database).

    Prescriptions – shows the medical tests ordered by the doctor as part of diagnosing and determining the treatment plan.

    Settings – allows creating and switching accounts and customizing how the queries are displayed, etc.

    User – a user profile with contact details necessary for administrative purposes.


    • Only authorized users can log into the app to keep the sensitive data secure
    • Medical staff can search and filter patients not only by name but also by gender, birth date, etc.
    • For every patient, the whole medical history with tests and prescriptions is displayed
    • The clinical laboratory test results are illustrated as a trend graph, displaying the results of the same test type performed over a period of time for a specific patient.
    • Test results may be converted into the PDF format.


    The app was developed from the ground up in accordance with the client requirements and design prototypes. The MVP (minimum viable product) was tested in parallel with development to ensure the app was functioning correctly. This also allowed our engineers to make all the necessary improvements.

    The tech stack included (but was not limited to):

    AFNetworking – for REST API requests processing.

    Fabric – for collecting real-time analytics and app crash reports, as well as for beta testing

    CoreData-ORM – for data processing.

    iOS-charts library by Daniel Gindi – for data visualization in the form of charts.

    The project was completed successfully, and the customer has gained the benefits of the new solution, such as:

    • Accurate display and interpretation of clinical laboratory test results
    • Access to necessary information without delays
    • Increased staff productivity and timely decision-making
    • Enhanced patient care thanks to effective diagnosis and treatment

    Tech stack

      • iOS
      • Fabric
      • AFNetworking
      • CoreData-ORM

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