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Scalpel at the Cross

Complex EMR solution with a built-in surgery planning and inventory management modules for off-site medical campaigns.

EMR solution


    Scalpel At The Cross is a non-profit organization that provides orthopedic and surgical care to people living in the Peruvian Amazon region of South America. Several times a year doctors go on off-site missions and visit their patients in remote locations. The existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system didn’t meet their needs: synchronization took about a month, and the data was constantly being lost. The client turned to EffectiveSoft to develop the new EMR system from scratch.

    • Client

      Scalpel at the Cross
    • Country

    • Domain

    • Solution

    • Service

      Custom software development
    • Technology

      C#, TypeScript, Angular 8


    When creating the EMR system, it was necessary to ensure the doctors’ collaboration and access to patient records that were often created by different medical professionals. All the results of patient diagnostics (e.g. blood or urine tests, X-ray examination results, etc.) together with follow-up prescriptions needed to be stored in the patient card to manage patient’s health care comprehensively.

    Our engineers were also required to provide a proper data exchange between the doctors’ devices, where they keep records (often offline), and the central storage.

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    The team at EffectiveSoft developed applications for iPads and the admin panel local server, which allows the doctors to work with the EMR system in distant locations without the Internet connection and then analyze the results of a medical campaign.

    As one of the major requirements was the doctors’ collaboration and their offline work with a patient card, the information from the doctors’ devices is synchronized with the local server (and other devices) as soon as they connect to the same wireless network. Only the local server can connect to the Internet and it transfers the data, gathered from tablets, to the cloud storage.

    Patient record

    The EMR System contains:

    • General information about a patient
    • Medical alerts
    • History of visits
    • History of injuries
    • Physical examination results
    • Injury site photos, videos, and X-rays
    • Diagnosis and treatment plan

    The EMR system makes it possible to specify in the application information about the found pathology, diagnosis, surgical priority and treatment type.

    To strike the balance between security and ease of authorization, the doctors log into their accounts on any device with
a unique PIN.

    Inventory management

    The inventory management system is intended to review, relocate and track usage of the instruments and supplies/materials required to conduct medical campaigns.

    The evaluation chart, covering the Inventory and EMR systems, ensures the transparency of medical campaigns. The cost of the procedures performed during the campaign and the medical materials used for treatment are listed in the reports.

    Surgery planner

    The Surgery planner displays the list of the patients who need surgery during the current medical campaign and allows dragging and dropping to book an operation room. It is possible to view the schedule for every operation room (as well as specify information about the surgeons). Apart from that, a surgeon 
 has to create a pick list, i.e. the list of the equipment and supplies required to perform surgery.

    Tech stack

    • OS

    • Languages

      • C#
      • T-SQL
      • TypeScript
    • Backend

      • ASP NET Core 3.1
      • MSSQL Server Express
      • PostgreSQL
      • Identity Framework
      • Entity Framework
      • Core ADO NET
    • Client

    • Tools

      • PostgreSQL
      • Microsoft Management Studio
    • CI/CD

      • Jenkins

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