Learning Content Management System

LCMS applications allow users to create, import, manage, search for and reuse small units or ‘chunks’ of digital learning content/assets, commonly referred to as learning objects. These assets may include media files developed in other authoring tools, assessment items, simulations, text, graphics or any other object that makes up the content within the course being created. An LCMS manages the process of creating, editing, storing and delivering e-learning content, ILT materials and other training support deliverables (such as job aids).

Project background

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the requests to modify the existing learning content management system.

Customer’s requirements:

  • To perform the code refactoring. It is the process of changing a computer program’s internal structure without modifying its external functional behavior or existing functionality.
  • To use a new platform (Flash) instead of the obsolete one.
  • To configure the system so as it could be possible to work with a program in group and remotely.
  • To update the system with new features.

EffectiveSoft specialists offered the customer the technology which allows converting the tasks of training courses effectively and time-optimally.

The software system consisted of many separate learning schemes and some functional modules. The project was realized by remote groups of developers. Each module was tested thoroughly and all necessary corrections were made during the testing procedures. The project was completed on time and within the budget.


  • During collaboration between our companies the project was successfully completed.
  • Each developer has skills in several technologies and fields. Team members are experienced in development, management, architecture creation taking into account application specifics and requirements.
  • EffectiveSoft demonstrated itself as a reliable partner.

Project resume

Project workload

14 000 man-hours

Lines of code

1 200 lessons in Flash format


Action Script

Technologies & Tools

Macromedia Flash 8

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