Huddle Report Management Tool
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Huddle report management tool

We developed a solution that enables proactive management of high-risk patients.

Report management tool

    Client and challenge

    Our client, a leading US healthcare provider with a growing network of clinics across the country, sought to transform its approach to patient care from reactive to proactive. Based on the solution we developed during our previous successful collaboration—a robust data analytics platform that consolidates and standardizes data from multiple sources—the client aimed to further enhance patient service quality, optimize healthcare costs, and boost overall organizational efficiency.

    It required a tool that would use predefined criteria to identify high-risk patients, rank them based on the urgency of needed assistance, and provide healthcare professionals with recommendations on the steps to take. To implement the idea, the client returned to us.

    • Client

      Healthcare provider

    • Country


    • Domain

    • Solution

      Report management tool

    • Service

    • Technology

      Power BI, Python

    Using the Power BI Builder, we developed a comprehensive tool that seamlessly integrates with the data analytics platform and accompanying data warehouse.

    The tool utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze patient data and detect medical triggers to identify high-risk patients. It also prioritizes them according to the urgency of required assistance, enabling caregivers to focus on the patients who require the most immediate attention.

    This solution offers healthcare providers actionable insights and practical recommendations, helping them make informed decisions and take proactive steps.


    The tool offers healthcare providers a range of benefits:

    • Customization and flexibility. The variety of customizable features enables users to tailor the data presentation to their needs, ensuring all relevant information is accessible and manageable. They can add filters, include or exclude details, and more.
    • Enhanced communication. Automated email distribution and the print-as-PDF feature drive effective communication and ensure coordinated work by providing the same information to all stakeholders.
    • Optimized resource allocation. The solution helps healthcare teams focus on critical areas requiring immediate attention and efficiently allocate resources, thereby improving overall service delivery and patient care.
    • Intuitive interface. The solution is easy to use, allowing caregivers to navigate and operate it effortlessly.
    EffectiveSoft leverages over 15 years of practical experience in providing healthcare software development for medical facilities. With our healthcare software outsourcing services, we help caregivers manage all kinds of complex data and contend with everyday issues on their way to improved patient outcomes.


    The implementation of the Huddle Report Management Tool we developed has reshaped the way our client manages patient care and forecasts their potential costs. By enabling proactive care, the tool improves the quality of care, prevents expensive treatments, and avoids deterioration in the patient’s condition.

    Key results:

    • Specific action items are provided as recommendations, meaning doctors spend less time determining treatment plans and selecting the necessary medications.
    • Identification of high-risk patients who need immediate attention. This allows doctors to allocate their focus more efficiently on critical issues.
    • According to the indicators, doctors have stopped doing a lot of paperwork and now come to appointments prepared, structuring their workday clearly from the morning.

    Tech stack

    • Technologies and tools

      • Power BI Builder
      • Power BI Desktop
      • Power Automate
      • Power BI Service
      • Azure Event Grid
      • Azure Data Factory
      • Azure SQL Database
      • Azure Logic Apps
      • Azure Analysis Services
      • Power BI
      • Python

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