Case Study: Improved Data Management and Data Analytics
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Improved data management and data analytics

A centralized data warehouse and Microsoft Power BI allow collecting and analyzing data from the divisions scattered across the USA.

Improved data management and data analytics

    Client and challenge

    Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. is a branch of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., a worldwide producer and seller of convenience food, instant noodles, and other food products that are part of a diversified portfolio of well-known and top-rated brands.

    Having many offices in the USA, the company wanted to streamline its data analytics, enhance data-driven business processes, and accelerate growth. For this purpose, the company management and C-level decision-makers needed real-time data to get meaningful insights into the performance of divisions. The solution for analytics that they had was partly outdated and expensive to maintain.

    So Nissin Foods looked for software that would:

    • Implement an efficient ETL process.
    • Set up interactive dashboards.
    • Provide selective data access to the heads of divisions and senior management.
    • Ensure a minimal learning curve for users accustomed to Excel spreadsheet reports.

    The company turned to EffectiveSoft as its long-term technology partner for assistance.

    • Country

    • Client

      Nissin Foods Co., Inc.
    • Technology

      MS SQL Server, Power BI Desktop
    • Domain

      Food production
    • Service

      Data Analytics
    • Solution

      Microsoft Power BI


    Having analyzed the client’s digital estate, engineers at EffectiveSoft offered to switch to Power BI to have a centralized data analysis system and improve work efficiency. This tool provides the lowest total cost of ownership and allows the company to adjust analytical reporting, self-service, and IT governance.

    To quickly get the required Power BI reports and dashboards up and running, specialists at EffectiveSoft optimized the data sources and data storage, developed reports, and ensured report distribution through Power BI apps.

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    One centralized location for data

    Engineers at EffectiveSoft improved the existing ETL processes to effectively collect data from multiple sources and move it to the centralized data warehouse for Power BI consumption.

    Dashboards and reports

    Using the Power BI toolset our team created:

    • Multiple data models that structure and connect data from different sources. Custom reports with the information and layout required by the client.
    • Workspaces, dashboards, and apps to group reports and distribute them to users.
    • Selective data engagement built with dynamic row-level security (RLS) to provide geography- and role-based access.

    The specialists at EffectiveSoft developed interactive reports that include intuitive filtration and drill-through functionality and allow the employees to analyze detailed data and quickly explore the information. They enable the monitoring of numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) in sales, marketing, finance, and manufacturing. Since the data is pulled from a dynamic database and automatically refreshed, managers always have the most updated and comprehensive information at hand.

    *Screenshots are blurred to prevent the disclosure of confidential information

    Applications for fast access to data

    To get data to the right users quickly, engineers at EffectiveSoft created Power BI apps, a content type that bundles together related dashboards and reports in one place. C-level managers and app designers can distribute and share the apps with relevant stakeholders. With the apps, users get access to the sets of reports and dashboards in a browser or on their mobile devices.


    The implementation of Power BI improved efficiency and data transparency at Nissin Foods. With advanced visualization, the company employees can easily track the details important for their work.

    Currently, there are more than 10 reports in production that consume data from Microsoft SQL Server.

    Access to broader sets of operational data enabled Nissin Foods to make data-driven decisions concerning their business operations, product development, and risk management.


    Tech Stack

    • Environment

      • MS SQL Server
      • Power BI Desktop
      • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
      • Power Query M formula language
    The quality of the work EffectiveSoft delivered has been excellent. You feel like they put you in first priority, and that was the key thing. They were very collaborative and responsive. If we had a set of requirements for them, the team understood that. If for some reason our requirements had shifted and changed a little bit, they discussed amongst themselves whether they could do it and would come back and say, ‘Yes, we’re able to do that.’ We liked that approach because it showed they were adaptable. They were very flexible with us in that respect, and not to mention their prices are very competitive out there, so that was another thing we appreciated.

    Senior Systems Analyst

    Nissin Foods

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