Comprehensive System for Automated Warehouse Operations
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Comprehensive system for automated warehouse operations

The web app we developed is tailored to maximize efficiency and visibility throughout warehouse processes.

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a European manufacturer of e-liquids that was looking to automate and streamline day-to-day warehouse operations, eliminating manual processes and improving visibility into the workflow. They needed a comprehensive system to:

    • track inventory data
    • manage product cards
    • monitor stock
    • oversee and manage the supply chain
    • collect information on product packaging and shipping of products
    • view reports

    For data safety reasons, the warehouse management system (WMS) had to be deployed on-premises only. To implement the solution, the client approached EffectiveSoft.


    Based on the requirements gathered by our business analysts in close cooperation with the client, our team of dedicated engineers developed the entire WMS from scratch.

    The front-end portion of the WMS gives operators a convenient way to control the number of components and products in the warehouse, track orders, view reports, and more. Meanwhile, driven by the client’s demand for an on-premises solution, the back-end part of the system was installed on the local web server.


    What did we do?

    To effectively address our client’s needs for the automation of their everyday operations, we split the system functionality into the following modules:
    • Users management. The administrator adds, edits, and deletes users, views user details, and sets user roles and permissions.
    • Components. The administrator and warehouse manager can view, add, edit, and delete components available in stock.
    • Products. Users view and edit product history, status, and amounts, and create new products with the same component structure.
    • Production orders. A person in charge views the order history and statistics, registers, adds, closes, and deletes new orders.
    • Reports. The administrator accesses the reports generated automatically and views the list of products and components in stock.
    • Packing and shipping. Authorized users manage the packing and shipment process, including generating and printing barcodes.

    How does it work

    The WMS we developed significantly streamlines warehouse operations. The overall workflow using this system is as follows:

    Whether you require the creation of new software to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure or the enhancement of an already existing solution, our experienced team is fully prepared to meet your business’s specific demands.


    With data protection in mind, our engineers took the following measures.

    • We enabled the encryption of all information coming to the database to secure sensitive data, such as product recipes and intellectual property, and prevent data leaks.
    • We implemented a role-based view to ensure that users have strict access to only their functions, reducing the risk of threats and errors and protecting confidential information.


    EffectiveSoft successfully completed the project, meeting the requirements and deadlines set by the client. The solution we built helped our client significantly accelerate their operations, improving efficiency and increasing the transparency of warehouse processes. As a result, we were asked to continue our collaboration, support and maintain the solution, and enrich it with new features.


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