Closed Loop Approach Case Studies (LMS)

Closed loop services by EffectiveSoft are characterized by special IT outsourcing and project management approach to software design and development, exceptional orientation to long-term cooperation with customers, orientation to the latest technologies, flexible supporting and profound immersion into a customer's domain. Closed loop development methodology provides gradual evolution and constant advancement of software solutions for our customers. Have a look at our IT Methodology - Closed Loop Approach for more information about this model.

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Closed Loop Approach: Evolution of the Project for E-learning and Education Industry

Our other customer started cooperating with us with a request to carry out a research of how to improve the performance of the existing Library Management System, which at that time was version 1.0. The client company addressed EffectiveSoft with the request, to which one of our development teams conducted a thorough research and submitted a complete solution for the system improvement, allowing to increase search performance by 15 times, navigation performance by 5 times, and data retrieval by 10 times. Pleased with such results, the customer suggested that EffectiveSoft take part in the development process of the next version of the LMS.

From the beginning of our cooperation within the framework of closed loop services development and project management methodology, there have been three major large-scale releases of the system, and the IT project is still in its active phase, constantly improved, optimized and upgraded.

The system is a web-based automation system, sold by our customer to their clients. This is a dynamic system, an enterprise software solution intended for the Education, E-learning, Library, Document Management domains. The system is constantly updated; new functionality, various new features are added as there are differences in applying the system to different clients, so new updates are carried out in response to the change requests on the customer's part as well as new ideas for the system improvement coming from EffectiveSoft development team.

LMS version 3.0At the present time, the EffectiveSoft team is working on the LMS, version 3.0. The product requirements cover the development of a new functionality and improvement of essential workflows. This software system is a very flexible solution, first of all, due to the fact that it has been developed platform-independent, and so it can be utilized on any devices (including mobile phones, various Apple devices etc.), supporting web-browsers.

The system has undergone advanced customization; the new advanced search logic and the new AJAX powered user interface have been designed and developed. In accordance with customer needs and workflow specifics, the navigation has been improved in many system areas and system messages have been made more informative and useful, with time new export formats have been added to the list of the existing ones within the system and so on.

Being in continuous progress, the system becomes more and more popular among the consumers, attracting new followers. As our development team working on this customer's project implementation builds the functional for new consumers of this system, the old clients of our customer company are undoubtedly interested in and motivated to updating the system.

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The customer is really satisfied with our work on this project, with all the optimization and system evolution arrangements initiated and realized by our team in response to all kinds of customer requirements and to the changes on the information technology market as well as in the sphere of the customer company's domain, contributing to the customer company's commercial success. The system development project is in its active phase, and our cooperation continues at the moment with specifying requirements for the next system version that will be even more powerful and flexible. For more details on applying the exclusive outsourcing strategy of closed loop development and project management to your industry, please, contact our Sales Department, our specialists are always ready to find the most appropriate solution for you and your company.

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