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Closed Loop Approach: Evolution of the Project for Financial Services Industry

The cooperation with this customer started when they turned to EffectiveSoft and ordered a thorough, strict, detailed specification of a smartphone application. The customer is City Index, a global leader in Spread Betting, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and margined Foreign Exchange (FX). After a similar iPhone application success, the company laying special emphasis on information technologies and having the highest client-oriented approach standards, moved forward and initiated the development of the Android- and Blackberry-based apps.

android_pic So the customer ordered a thorough specification of a trading application for Android (versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2). Having evaluated our work on the specification, the customer ordered the development of an Android-based application (the same versions) at our company as well. Then the customer initiated the same solution for the Blackberry platform, and consecutively another two software projects were realized by our development team: the specification of a mobile trading application for Blackberry 6.0 and the development of the application on this mobile OS. The customer was really impressed by our experience in the development of a variety of mobile applications. The end-products created for our customer contribute to attracting a wider audience and sustaining their clients’ satisfaction.

Thus, EffectiveSoft was deservedly selected a technology partner by this IT-oriented company leading in the financial services industry in providing mobile platforms for financial trading. Closed loop services are rendered to our customer on a continuous basis. One of the highlights connected with this case of closed loop services pattern is the fact that the mobile application City Trading, created for our client company was awarded at MoneyAM Awards 2011.

blackberry Having started our cooperation with the team of 4 developers and having realized several software projects in accordance with the fixed price business model, the team has been augmented up to 19 programmers, working over the customer projects in conformity with the time and material business model. A dedicated team was formed and has been serving as a virtual extension of the customer’s team on a constant basis (see Offshore Development Center). It should be noted that management is one of the strongest points in this case, much of the success depending on the experience of the talented project managers.

The further improvement of the applications for Android and Blackberry is realized. For example, it was decided to provide the development of the mobile application for Android smartphone version 2.3 and of the application for Android tablets. Alongside with the new projects implementation, the constant work on the development of the new functional and on the advancement of the existing one is handled. The large-scale project is in the state of constant evolution according to the new commercial and information technology trends, business needs and market requirements.

The team supports the trading application for Windows (the Delphi-based one). Simultaneously a new Windows desktop trading app is developed which is programmed in C#. And one more project carried out by EffectiveSoft for this customer is the testing of Windows Phone OS mobile solutions created by third-party developers.

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The customer appreciates the quality of work that EffectiveSoft have done for the customer company, paying tribute to our attention to detail and reliability on delivery dates. And our dedicated development team is glad to contribute to the customer’s business success using a closed loop strategy. If you are interested in applying such an outsourcing project management methodology to your business needs, feel free to contact our Sales Department.

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