Arkitektkopia (Closed Loop Approach Case Studies)

Some of the IT projects for our customers are developed by our teams according to an exclusive closed loop services development pattern, a flexible IT development methodology; take a look at our IT Methodology – Closed Loop Approach for more information about this model.

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Closed Loop Approach: Evolution of the Project for Construction Industry

For instance, due to the growing demand for their services, our customer, a Swedish printing company Arkitektkopia AB, offering services for construction and property companies in Scandinavia, considered it necessary to re-design and re-develop their online print ordering system, and EffectiveSoft was selected an IT service provider.

arkitektkopia_tn As a result of collaboration between the customer and EffectiveSoft development team, the former awkward system, consisting of several separate applications, was redeveloped entirely from the ground up. The system consists of the customer and administration web applications, is user-friendly, convenient, always available, has a rich UI, all the data and functional became centralized in this print ordering system, besides, nothing was lost from the previous one, because all of the data were migrated to our new system.

The software development process was completed, but the system is constantly improved and upgraded by our support team: with time, new ideas, wishes and suggestions appear; we receive change requests from the customer, asses and analyze them, and update the system. The system is constantly upgraded, we all the time add functionality and new features to it (for example, new types of printing, more languages were added, statistics and trends are kept track of).

A Brief Layout of Arkitektkopia Closed Loop Development
AKOPI Login  
development, constant evolution and support
Quote Module
Barcode Scanner Agent
Automated Download Agent
BYGGNET Access  
The Librarian
BYGGNET Verify BYGGNET Verify for iPhone
BYGGNET Verify for Android

Alongside with the continuous technical support provided by our team, new modules, applications and systems have been designed and developed. Thus, for example, a separate software solution – a quote module was developed, and then integrated, which allows price request within the print ordering system. Later on one more separate project was ordered, which was a data management system development project, as a result a “document-pool” was designed and developed, allowing to keep track of the documents versions, to upload and download a lot of files at once, having an access right feature and so on. The DocumentPool was also integrated into the print ordering system. Then a barcode scanner agent, a desktop application was created to optimize the orders workflow and to make it logical and strict at all the stages of order processing. Thereafter a download agent (a desktop app, installed to server) was developed to optimize workflow, allowing the orders to be processed automatically.

Then another large project was started – the development of a new DMS instead of the existing system, which didn’t suit the customer. So the new up-to-date system was developed, a lot of the functional was added, the system has a really attractive user-friendly interface and the new construction projects are now started in this new large-scale DMS, which embraces both the document-pool and the former DMS, being much more interactive, having lots of new features (such as for example, tendering).

arkitektkopia_tn_2 After that the new desktop application was designed and developed for tracing hard copies of the documents, managing, downloading, printing and tracking them within the system; thus, this app is so to say a virtual document library, which prompted the name for this useful application. Along with all these projects, the system support has been constantly realized and the version updates are still carried out.

Moreover, recently the new idea concerning the advancement of this continuous project was born. Due to the growing popularity of smart-phones (and concerning the customer’s country iPhone in the first place, and Android as the second-popular mobile device), the development projects of an iPhone application and an Android application were started, the first of which has been released already. These apps allow checking the actuality of the documents and reporting a problem if any, approving/rejecting data on-the-fly, all in all, the app can verify all the documents, which also gave a hint for the name of this software. If you are interested in Closed Loop Services for other industries, have a look at our Use Cases.

The customer was very satisfied with the work done. Intuitive and friendly interface, automation of check-in and check-out operations, security and reliability – all of those requirements were met. As a result the customer company workflow and their customer relations have been raised to a new level and optimized to an enormous extent, which saves a lot of time and effort, contributes to multiplying their profits and marketability, besides, a part of the project (one of the systems developed) is provided (sold) by our customer as a service (SaaS). Each IT project described above is in its active support phase. Depending on the requirements of the project or of its separate part, the size of the support team is changed flexibly. As there are always some new ideas, new requests, the systems within the framework of this closed loop development project are constantly improved and advanced, new modules are developed, enhancements of the existing modules are implemented, and new software solutions appear. To learn more on how to apply such a project management pattern to your business needs, please, contact our Sales Department.

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