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Custom Software For Healthcare Industry

These days, the use of information technologies (cloud-based solutions, information networks) in the healthcare software industry has become more sophisticated. Patients and doctors can log into a medical web portal and coordinate treatments, schedule appointments, consult online, etc. Diverse mobile and wearable devices have been developed for monitoring such vital information as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level. There is also a lot of of medical equipment for patient examination, diagnosis and treatment working on complex medical device software.

Software For Healthcare Industry

Our company has been providing software solutions across the healthcare industry for 18 years. We possess rich experience in delivering software services that help hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, outpatient clinics and other healthcare institutions optimize their workflow and supply process to achieve more efficient outcomes.

Custom Healthcare Solutions

  • Imaging/visualization softwareImaging/visualization software

    We create solutions that enable high-quality analysis and visualization of medical images such as MRI, PET, CT and easily share the results.

  • Medical data management solutionsMedical data management solutions

    • Medical records
    • Laboratory information system
    • Patient registration
    • Inventory management
    • Financial accounting
    • Pharmacy management
    • Insurance claims processing
    • Healthcare document management systems
  • Medical websites and custom healthcare CMSMedical websites and custom healthcare CMS

    We've been providing custom healthcare software solutions for many years. We apply our expertise and knowledge in creating solid and effective medical websites and CMSs. Our experts will help you to make a positive impression on your potential patients on the web.

  • Healthcare data analysisMedical Research and Healthcare Data Analysis

    EffectiveSoft experts provide professional IT solutions for healthcare data analysis and medical researches.

  • Healthcare CRMHealthcare CRM

    We provide CRM solutions for healthcare organizations and hospitals to stay in contact with their patients, and with other organizations.

  • Mobile apps for medical staffMobile apps for medical staff

    Our team has solid expertise in the development of mobile solutions for healthcare professionals to perform a wide range of tasks:

    • information and time management;
    • patient records maintenance and access;
    • clinical data sharing;
    • patient monitoring;
    • clinical decision-making.
    • clinical data sharing.
  • Mobile applications for patientsMobile applications for patients

    We create patient-oriented mobile solutions that will help you to:

    • connect with your patients;
    • provide remote care;
    • manage appointments;
    • enhance patient engagement;
    • track health;
    • share lab results.
  • Custom medical software solutionsCustom medical software

    EffectiveSoft provides custom healthcare solutions development from scratch. We thoroughly analyze your needs and consider your wishes and suggestions.

Let’s discuss your business challenge and develop a perfect healthcare solution!

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Portfolio Projects

Sentral-Binders DMS

Sentral-Binders DMS

Sentral-Binders is a web-based DMS solution developed by EffectiveSoft for a clinical research company. The system is aimed to resolve the key issues related to physicians collaboration and research data management.

Healthcare Employee Communication Portal

Healthcare Employee Communication Portal

Healthcare Employee Communication Portal is a content management system designed especially for clinical and administrative staff in hospitals. The solution allows for secure publishing, sharing and accessing information and can be used for all aspects of employee and physician communications.

Healthcare Case Study - Encoder Software

Healthcare Case Study - Encoder Software

TruCode Encoding is a network system for desktops developed for the USA healthcare community. It enables medical personnel to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing coding regulations and policies. The system assists in making the most appropriate medical decisions based on the patient’s complete history.

Healthcare Case Study - DICOM Viewer

Healthcare Case Study - DICOM Viewer

AlgoM DICOM Viewer is a medical software developed to assist physicians (radiologists, radiological technologists, and other medical imaging professionals) in reading and diagnostic analysis of medical images in the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) format.

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