Dental endoscopy solution
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Dental endoscopy solution

The software we developed allows dental clinicians and hygienists to diagnose and treat periodontal diseases.

    Client and challenge

    Zest Dental Solutions is one of the leading providers of dental restorative products, wanted to diversify its product portfolio by creating a dental endoscope to explore the subgingival environment around each tooth with a minimal invasion.

    While they successfully created the hardware part of the endoscopy system (Perioscopy® unit) in-house, they required software to operate the device. EffectiveSoft offered a comprehensive technical and business proposal and was chosen as a service provider.


    We developed Windows-based software to control the operation of a Perioscopy unit. The comprehensive solution comprises a high-definition monitor and a miniaturized digital endoscope that allows specialists to illuminate, magnify (24-48X), explore the teeth anatomy below the gum line.

    It facilitates the detection and removal of tartar and plaque deposits from tooth roots by displaying root surfaces and gum tissues on a computer screen. Additionally, the software allows for real-time streaming to patients and the secure storage of encrypted JPEG and MPEG files in compliance with HIPAA regulations. To simplify the initial configuration process, we also incorporated an installation wizard.

    EffectiveSoft leverages over 15 years of practical experience in providing healthcare software development for medical facilities. With our healthcare software outsourcing services, we help caregivers manage all kinds of complex data and contend with everyday issues on their way to improved patient outcomes.


    We created a powerful tool enabling efficient and reliable dental procedures. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have planned enhancements to the software, including the implementation of smoothing and focusing algorithms to improve image quality and position adjustments.

    Tech stack

    • Languages

      • С#
    • Technologies and tools

      • .NET
      • Windows BitLocker
      • Windows Installer
      • NLog
      • FFmpeg
      • WPF
      • AForge

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