IoT solution for secure connectivity of medical devices
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IoT solution for secure connectivity of medical devices

EffectiveSoft created a system that enables connectivity of optical-scanning diagnostic devices, along with secure data storage, analysis, and backup.

    Client and challenge

    Our client, Intelon Optics, is a company focusing on the development and commercialization of the Brillouin Optical Scanner System (BOSS™), a technology that enables next-generation point-by-point biomechanical imaging of eye structures.

    Intelon Optics approached EffectiveSoft to develop a core module of the BOSS™ optical-scanning diagnostic platform — the Instrument Console. The console receives eye scans from a special controller device and displays biomechanical measurements in various patterns.

    Concerned about data silos and security risks, the client needed to integrate all information from BOSS™ devices into a single storage that would also be scalable. Satisfied with the work done by our engineers, Intelon Optics entrusted us to create an Internet of Things (IoT) system to centralize data for quick and easy access, analysis, and backup.


    The engineers at EffectiveSoft developed a highly scalable cloud-based solution, the Intelon-SaaS, to centralize the data from BOSS™ devices. The Intelon-SaaS serves as a data storage system for easy access to anonymized patient information, its analysis, and backup. Utilizing AWS infrastructure capabilities, we used IoT services for registering BOSS™ devices and assigning them security certificates. This approach allowed for secure device connectivity, management, and storage.

    Amazon services enabled us to make a serverless solution to ensure flexibility and adaptability to the number of users (clinics using the devices). This approach also reduced the maintenance costs of the Intelon-SaaS and simplified data recovery, thus mitigating human errors and protecting information against cyberattacks.

    Since the client works with protected health information (PHI), it was important to remain HIPAA compliant. To do this, we provided a high level of security and privacy of PHI through data anonymization and encryption. The access to information is available through granularly configured roles (role-based access control) on several levels.


    We successfully developed a secure and reliable serverless solution. The system provided by EffectiveSoft not only meets the current needs but is also designed for future enhancements. It seamlessly paves the way for the integration of advanced Machine Learning algorithms, which will revolutionize data analysis and pattern recognition capabilities.

    At EffectiveSoft, we leverage the power of IoT software development as well as the most recent development trends, platforms and tools, including machine learning on Big Data, to provide custom solutions for various businesses.

    Tech stack

      • Java
      • AWS IoT
      • MQTT
      • Lambda
      • KMS
      • S3
      • Amazon DynamoDB
      • Docker
      • Github actions
      • Maven
      • Postman
      • SonarLint

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