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This state-of-the-art software system automates infrastructure provisioning and management of public/private/hybrid cloud services both for corporate clients and service providers.

Cloud Automation Platform

    Customer and challenge

    InContinuum Software is a Dutch privately held LLC that develops innovative, end-to-end management technologies for organizations of all sizes.

    At the time the company was founded, there were few to none offerings in the market allowing businesses to automate and control delivery and use of cloud-based services. EffectiveSoft was chosen to develop this solution from the ground up.

    • Client

      InContinuum Software
    • Country

    • Solution

    • Domain

      IT Services
    • Services

    • Technology

      .NET, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python


    CloudController is a software system that automates virtual machine deployment, application virtualization and deployment, and virtual SAN/SDN deployment.

    It consists of a web interface, Microsoft Windows services, and custom tools. It is deployed in a few clicks via a user-friendly installer.

    A rich and responsive UI design based on AJAX technologies with advanced charting capabilities gives a full overview of the system load with real-time statistics (see the screenshots below).

    CloudController is currently available in eight languages with unlimited localization capabilities.

    The cloud application development features an advanced white-labeling mechanism to follow any UI style the customer needs.

    At VMworld 2009 in San Francisco the first version of CloudController was awarded the title “Best of VMworld” in the category “Cloud Computing Technologies” as the world’s first generally available independent cloud management platform.


    CloudController allows achieving:

    • virtual server deployment automation on the following virtualization platforms: VMware vCenter, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Service Provider Foundation
    • virtual server deployment automation on the following cloud platforms: Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer
    • automation of application virtualization and deployment for Numecent Jukebox and Microsoft App-V technologies
    • virtual SAN deployment automation for Dell EMC ScaleIO
    • SDN deployment automation for OpenStack.

    Benefits for users

    CloudController supports the following three business models:

    • Private cloud model for companies that use CloudController for virtual server management on premises.
    • Public cloud model suits service providers who use CloudController when selling virtual servers and resource pools to end-users.
    • Hybrid cloud model combines both Private and Public models and fits the companies that use part of their resources internally and sell the rest (with “idle” status) to consumers outside the company.

    For customers planning to sell all or some of their virtual servers, CloudController provides a complete range of back-office operations such as invoicing, chargebacks, value-added tax (VAT) calculation, customer support, reporting, etc., as well as the ability to accept payments via PayPal, Buckaroo or bank transactions.

    Tech stack

      • .NET
      • ASP.NET MVC
      • C#
      • C++
      • JavaScript
      • Python
      • Transact SQL
      • MS SQL Server
      • WCF
      • Typescript
      • AJAX
      • jQuery
      • knockout.js
      • VMware
      • Microsoft Azure
      • AWS
      • SoftLayer
      • OpenStack
      • RHEL
      • XenServer
      • Twilio

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