Case Study: Enhanced Ship Property Management System
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Enhanced ship property management system

Upgraded system for automating cruise ship workflows, increasing staff productivity, and improving passenger experience during a voyage.

Enhanced ship property management system

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a supplier of the Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS), software designed for flexible management of cruise ship operations. Aiming to keep up with the market, the company decided to optimize the system since the existing version required major changes. The client approached EffectiveSoft with a request to assist in extending functionality and adding new features to the system.

    • Client

      SPMS supplier
    • Domain

    • Service

      Custom software development
    • Solution

      Windows app
    • Technology

      .NET, MS SQL Server


    The SPMS we improved offers a broad functional coverage. Our team of dedicated engineers developed and integrated new modules into the system:

    Check in

    This module is designed to store information about passengers (passport details, birth date, nationality, address, etc.), cruise details and other data necessary for the voyage. It is also possible to add supplemental information about passengers, including their preferences, medical conditions, and more.


    This module provides data on lifeboats, muster station checklists, and other details related to safety and rescue.


    The module is designed to aggregate information about purchases made during the voyage that the passenger is to pay at the checkout.

    Cruise/shipment data management

    The module provides information on the movement of the ship (arrivals, stopovers, departures), the amount of goods carried, and the time of loading and unloading.

    Inventory management

    This module helps monitor the availability of goods on board and timely resupply the ship.


    The enhanced SPMS represents an all-encompassing software solution that streamlines cruise ship workflows. Our client was very satisfied with the result as the improved SPMS attracted a lot of new service suppliers, such as cruise lines, wholesalers, and tour operators. Given that success, EffectiveSoft was invited to continue the cooperation. The team keeps working on adding new features to the system and provides technical support.

    Tech stack

      • .NET Framework
      • MS SQL Server
      • ActiveReports
      • DevExpress
      • .NET WinForms
      • POS for .NET

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