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Nissin Foods


Nissin Foods is the inventor of instant noodles. It was established in Japan in 1948 and is best known for Cup Noodles and that college staple, Top Ramen.

City Index Group


City Index Group is a leading spread betting and CFD provider, offering competitive spread and margin access on thousands of markets. As well as Britain, it operates in Australia, China, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, Israel and Germany.

Arkitektkopia-Byggnet Group


Arkitektkopia-Byggnet Group provides collaboration/info/print services in Scandinavia. It is the largest collaboration/info/print company in the real-estate and construction market in the Nordic Region.

Flatburger PrintDreams
SpanishPoint LeadMWeb
Convergent Shiram Valtech
Business Process Consulting Group Truecode Scandinavian Kyl & Frys AG
Atolinia AB Capital Printing Systems Inc.
Edge Trade Plains Net
Branca Micrographics Savuti
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