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Closed Loop Approach

"Closed Loop Model" is a set of full-cycle services and exclusive customer relations for long-term IT projects. The key advantage of this strategy is non-stop post-launch development activities for further project evolution.

What is meant by "full-cycle"?

Our full-cycle service implies development on all the stages and on each loop of software life-cycle, including:

  • IT project development
  • post-launch support, updates
  • new types and forms of solutions

This model presupposes constant business process improvement and adequate software evolution. This approach is especially appropriate for large-scale projects, life-cycle of which presupposes:

What is meant by "continuous"?

Continuous service implies constant development and support activities, aimed at non-stop system improvement and capability maturity arrangements.

A detailed description and explanation of real projects according to this IT project management methodology are presented in our IT methodology - Closed Loop Services Case Studies.

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Key Benefits


All the design and planning arrangements are solving the core business objectives:

Changing Market

Business as well as software for business purposes are continuously adapting to changing market trends. Only a flexible model - an IT project management methodology of closed loop servicing - allows adapting business apps to constantly changing market requirements daily.

EffectiveSoft has realized evolution of numerous solutions in response to market changes, some of the projects are still in their active phase (including our internal projects).

***An example of such an evolution (an outline):

a standalone DOS application - Windows app - a client-server
app based on Unix - a mobile app for iPhone etc.
(more detailed descriptions of software evolution here)

At each stage we carry out support, migrating a system to new technologies, augmenting its capabilities, functional etc.

Growth and Development

Software solutions, which serve your business, have to grow and develop alongside with your enterprise and promptly meet all the new requirements, which is solved by a closed loop approach.

What is meant by "a closed loop"?

20% of extra expenses for planning and designing of your IT infrastructure will save you 80% of future expenses for updating and remake of your software.

***Closed loop services allow improving the system due to a circuit of feedback (a
closed feedback loop).

If you are interested in applying the closed loop strategy to your business needs, contact us, provide a little information about your business, and within 2 hours you will receive a free layout of possible software solutions for your enterprise specifically.

Why turn to EffectiveSoft?

  1. Special approach to software design and development as part of the "closed loop service".

    Our experienced business analysts and system architects design a system so that its lifecycle development is carried out with minimal cost and timetable in the long-term outlook.

  2. Exceptional orientation to long-term cooperation with customers.

    Having turned to our company once, the customers can rest assured that technical assistance and maintenance services are guaranteed to them.

  3. Orientation to the latest technologies.

    Our technology portfolio constantly grows and develops. Alongside with development, we offer you migration and porting of any solutions to the cutting-edge as well as uncommon and exotic technologies.

  4. Flexible support.

    Support is support actually. 24/7 tech support service. Dedicated system administrators. Direct communication with developers, 6-month warranty and bug-fixing.

  5. Team scale.

    We clearly understand our customers' need to change the size of the development team, to reduce monthly payments or intensify development.

  6. Profound immersion into a customer's domain.

    Due to diligent and comprehensive research of a customer's commercial activity, subject area, workflow etc., with time our specialists and customers start to understand each other by the merest hint.

In EffectiveSoft a number of global informational solutions are applied, embracing all sorts of business objectives:

  • Logistics
  • Fiscal accounting
  • Workflow (Data management)
  • Planning and allocation of resources
  • Customer relations
  • etc.

The closed loop methodology of IT project outsourcing allows our company to render services of a new quality level, avoiding potential problems and likely mistakes, divining our customers' wishes.

Below you can see the Enterprise Projects, which we have been developing according to this IT outsourcing pattern. Contact us for details.

Portfolio Projects

This Use Case describes the process of realizing software development in the framework of the exclusive Closed Loop Approach, described by way of example of the evolution of the project for construction industry which is implemented by EffectiveSoft for the customer company according to this IT outsourcing methodology.

>> Details

The Case Study is dedicated to the software project development process of realizing continuous full-cycle software development according to the Closed Loop Approach. We present a detailed description of the evolution of the software project for financial industry. The project has been developed for the customer by our development team, has been supported, constantly upgraded and has been going through continuous evolution according to our exclusive development methodology.

>> Details

This Use Case gives a detailed description of the evolution of the software project for E-learning and Education Industry, realized in accordance with the exclusive software development methodology and IT project management methodology which we call Closed Loop Approach.

>> Details