Case Study: UX Improvements to an E-commerce Platform
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UX improvements to an e-commerce platform

An e-commerce platform has gained competitive advantage due to improvements made by our team.

UX Improvements to an E-commerce Platform

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a fast-growing US company developing their own headless* e-commerce platform.

    One of the reasons the company has been moving forward at full speed is that the platform enables ultimate flexibility and provides numerous features in line with new e-commerce trends. To stay ahead of the curve and further polish up the platform, the client wanted to extend the set of features and tools they offer their platform users. Our top-notch development team was entrusted with this task.

    *The headless architecture means wrapping up all the business logic and functionalities in a set of APIs which are powered by the specialized backends. Our client makes them available so that any front-end channel implemented by their customers can hook into these APIs and provide the desired customer experience.

    • Country

    • Domain

    • Service

      3rd-party integration
    • Technology

      React, Node.js, MongoDB
    • Solution

      UX improvements
    • Duration

      16 months


    To help our client achieve the level of platform flexibility they were seeking, the developers at EffectiveSoft reimagined the functionality of the admin dashboard and created seamless links between the platform and 3rd party services.

    Admin dashboard

    Making changes with bulk editing. If an online store has a large number of products to offer, it is difficult to edit, update, and manage products individually, especially if products have lots of variations. The bulk editing feature allows making changes to multiple product attributes at the same time. To edit a product, an administrator first selects it from their admin dashboard, then he/she selects properties to update and makes required updates.

    Accessing commands via drop-downs. For user convenience, the less common actions formerly spread over the Product, Order, Cart, Subscription pages are now organized in drop-down lists.


    Creating subscriptions via admin dashboard. All stores have a hosted dashboard for admins to manage products, orders, customers, content, and more. As the platform supports a subscription-based model, it was a logical step to move subscription management options to the admin dashboard so that admins could create and activate subscriptions directly via their dashboards.

    Splitting options into pages. To prevent UI performance issues with the admin dashboard when too many selectable options are displayed, we split a list of options into multiple pages, each containing a fixed number of items.

    Integrations we implemented

    • A fraud detection service enables seamless elimination of fraud for the merchants.
    • An all-in-one solution for creating excellent customer support. The service aggregates all information about the customer from the store’s website and displays it in a single view.
    • A flexible communication service that connects people to the information they need.
    • A supreme service to connect all the apps used within a company together and thus automate processes.


    Now the client enjoys a better platform flexibility with a definite increase in usability, which in turn gives a boost to their revenue.

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