Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

EffectiveSoft provides a wide range of business software services for corporate Customer Relationship Management.

Our clients take advantages of:
  • Professional Business Consulting
  • Custom CRM solutions designing
  • CRM software development or customization
  • Integration and staff training services
  • Integrated support and development of established CRM solutions
To implement complex projects, our leading experts are ready to make a business trip to the client's country of residence to execute project coordination and provide training and consulting services.
Our considerable experience enables us to develop and integrate CRM solutions of any domain expertise and complexity. Taking into account customer's specific needs, we select the most suitable tools for software development (Java, Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP.NET, etc.), custom commercial tools (such as Microsoft CRM) or Open Source components (Drupal CMS, PHPBB, ZenCart/X-Cart Template and others).

Our CRM Expertise

CRM development:

Close collaboration with customers is our business priority. We do our best to satisfy the needs of changing business conditions by providing our clients with the following CRM development services:

We possess vast software development experience and apply a complex approach to CRM solutions we offer. Our team of experts creates comprehensive solutions for different industries: financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, marketing, and others. Our CRM experts help the clients to choose the best components for the CRM system to ensure its high efficiency. We use our development expertise and cutting-edge technologies to create highly-efficient CRM software solutions.

Here are the solutions we offer:

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is known as a set of practices, stategies, and technologies that organizations use to manage their interactions with customers throughout the customer lifecycle. CRM software helps companies to effectively manage client data, improve marketing efforts, automate sales, and more. Customers can choose on-premises or SaaS CRM software.

CRM software solutions are applied in many fields:

Portfolio Projects

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The EffectiveSoft team worked with a privately held medical alert company providing PERS to the elderly. Our task was to customize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to satisfy the company's needs. The company wanted to automate processes…

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