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ManageCasa corporate website

A brand-new multilingual website with deep HubSpot CRM integration, improved visibility, higher performance, and enhanced security.

    Client and challenge

    ManageCasa Inc. is the company behind a web platform facilitating the work of DIY property owners and property managers. This comprehensive suite needed promotion to raise brand awareness and bring new subscribers, so the company decided to replace the old corporate site with a new one.

    ManageCasa turned to its longtime technology partner EffectiveSoft for help. Our team had to meet the following requirements:

    • choose a website platform that would be flexible, easy-to-manage, and compatible with most third-party tools
    • ensure high website loading speed
    • add the SEO-friendly admin panel to increase site visibility
    • provide cross-browser compatibility and responsive design to render the content well on various screen sizes and mobile and tablet devices
    • integrate Hubspot CRM
    • incorporate error tracking and site analytics systems
    • migrate the blog from the old site to the new one.
    • Country

    • Client

      ManageCasa Inc.
    • Solution

      Corporate website
    • Domain

      Property management
    • Service

      Web development
    • Technology

      WordPress CMS, PHP


    In a short time, the team at EffectiveSoft created a fully functional website intended to raise brand awareness, attract customers, and boost purchases. ManageCasa has offices and customers globally, so the website is available in four languages engaging a broad audience.


    We selected a self-hosted WordPress as a website platform. It is the most popular content management system and website building software in the world. It powers more than 35% of all the websites on the Internet, which is more than 63% of all the websites whose content management system is known. WordPress met all the client’s requirements and allowed creating a site that can evolve with the company.

    High speed

    Clean and simple code, lazy loading, and efficient caching techniques ensure an excellent website load speed. Moreover, scaling the website up by adding pages and blog posts won’t affect the site load time.

    Built-in SEO

    ManageCasa search engine optimization (SEO) became a lot easier: each page, post, and image can have its metadata added and optimized for specific keywords to ensure that search engines read and index the site content as intended. The implementation of multilingual SEO allowed the client to tailor the content for multiple languages and locations. Such an approach improves search engine ranking chances, which allows targeting specific audiences and regions.

    Optimization for mobile

    With the rise in mobile-only Internet users, mobile-friendly and responsive web design is a must. The new corporate site we created adapts its layout to the viewing environment providing users with a great experience both on desktop and mobile.

    HubSpot integration

    The HubSpot inbound marketing framework is intended to increase traffic and conversion rates and streamline marketing efforts. Now the client can access many of HubSpot’s tools (create forms, monitor new contacts, create segmented lists, and enroll contacts in workflows) directly from the WordPress account. HubSpot integration helps to get in touch with site visitors and turn them into leads, customers, and promoters.

    Website analytics and reports

    Thanks to Google Analytics incorporation, our client can make data-driven decisions and develop marketing strategies relying on statistics. The gathered data shows users’ geography, devices, and behavior on the site, as well as traffic sources (direct links, referral links, search engines, and other websites), etc.

    Blog migration

    Our engineers imported the blog from the old site, and it became a better place to engage with site visitors through comments and feedback. Writing and publishing new blog posts now is easy and intuitive due to WordPress blogging roots.

    Our experts have significant experience in the development of all types of web solutions. Learn more about our services.


    The new corporate website helped our client to:

    • attract new customers
    • promote the ManageCasa property management platform
    • build brand awareness and assist visitors in making informed decisions
    • about the platform subscriptions and their prices
    • gather information about the target audience to understand how to meet their needs
    • establish two-way communication with website visitors through the live chat.

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