Case Study: Payment Gateway for a BNPL Platform
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Payment gateway for a BNPL platform

We integrated a new payment provider into the existing platform, which allowed the client to expand the market.

Payment Gateway for a BNPL Platform

    Client and challenge

    Our client, a UAE fintech company, provides a payment platform for installment payments.

    The client initially used two payment gateways offering their services in several regions. But to enter a new market, where the existing payment systems could not function, the integration with a new payment provider was needed. Since the client’s team lacked sufficient resources for the back-end implementation of a new flow, they turned to EffectiveSoft for payment gateway development and post-launch support.

    • Client

      Fintech company
    • Country

    • Domain

      Financial services
    • Solution

      Payment gateway
    • Outsourcing model

    • Technology

      Java, JavaScript, PHP


    To help our client extend the geographic market area, we came up with the idea
    to integrate a Hyperpay payment gateway into the platform using the CopyandPay flow. However, due to incompatibility of the client’s payment workflows with those used by Hyperpay, we chose an alternative path.

    What we did

    We integrated the Hyperpay payment gateway using the Server-to-Server solution that allows processing transactions without the Hyperpay’s widgets. In this case, requests are sent to the specific payment channel based on the user’s card BIN code.

    With Server-to-Server, transactions are safe and secure due to the following security measures we implemented:

    • card data tokenization when sending a response from the Hyperpay server;
    • card authentication by using standalone 3D secure 2.0.


    Now, the back-end part of the project we were responsible for is successfully completed and awaiting proceeding with the front end from the client side.

    Tech stack

    • Amazon Web Cloud

      • DynamoDB
      • Lambda
      • CloudWatch
      • S3
    • Programming languages

    • Tools

      • Django
      • Flask
      • GraphQL
      • Docker
      • React Native

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