Case Study: Salary and Tax Management Tool
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Salary and tax management tool

Desktop application to automate business operations.

Salary and Tax Management Tool

    Client and challenge

    For more than 50 years, our client has been assisting their partners in financial, legal and HR operations, in particular, salary and tax calculation services along with declaration submitting and financial reporting.

    For this purpose, they used a low-performance web application with no dedicated business logic layer. Such an architecture implied a number of manual operations with no enhancement or optimization capabilities.

    As the business specifics required constant consideration of changes in partners’ internal structure and legal base, the client opted to develop a functional desktop application that would enable the full automation of processes related to salary and taxes, along with fast settings updates and raw files import option. The сlient turned to EffectiveSoft to implement this idea.

    • Service

      Custom software development
    • Solution

      Desktop application
    • Technology

      C#, WPF, Azure DB,
    • Domain

    • Team

      1 PM, 2 software engineers
    • Duration

      3 500+ man-hours


    Keeping in mind the Client’s requirements and business specifics, we created a module desktop solution with enhanced performance and functionality. To achieve the result, we separated the business logic layer and transferred data to the cloud database.

    The software developed by our engineers streamline the salary and tax management processes. This automated solution can compute variable salaries, taxes, and internal financial reports considering all country and company regulations, with 100% accuracy.

    With our tool, submitting mandatory tax declarations is hassle-free. Declarations generated as XML files can be automatically uploaded to the tax authority portal.

    Using the advanced personnel management options, HR managers can easily keep track of the leaves, shift timings, and other details required for salary calculation.


    The application is splitted into multiple specialized modules which are:

    • Security: role-based access for the app users.
    • Settings: country-, language- and employment-related parameters that are preset and applied while creating profiles of employees as well as calculating salaries and taxes.
    • Basic data: companies profiles and profiles of their employees with all data.
    • Performance: actual timesheets display, tax base and salary calculations based on raw data sent by the companies and parameters from other modules.
    • Declarations: automatic generation of mandatory tax declarations depending on country laws and regulations.
    • Reports: automatic generation of internal financial reports with a breakdown into required parameters.

    Salary and Tax Management Tool - application interface


    Salary calculation for the employees of a new company*.

    Basic data module

    Creating a Company profile by the user with the respective access rights.

    Basic data module

    Entering or importing all the employees data from raw Excel or PDF files provided by the company using the preset patterns from the Settings modules. All contract related data (working hours, base for tax reductions etc is considered.

    Performance module

    • Filtering
    • Entering or importing additional information required for the salary calculation: actual working hours for the period, sick leaves, holidays, vacations etc.
    • Сalculating salarу

    * Workflow displays the interaction between the modules while performing the salary calculation task.


    Due to implementing our automated easy-to-use solution, the client keeps all the salary and tax operations for their partners in check and, if necessary, assists their partners in personnel management. Today, EffectiveSoft continues to fine-tune the existing software solution, further enhancing its functionality.

    Tech stack

    • Languages

      • C#
      • XAML
      • T-SQL
    • Technologies and tools

      • Infragistics
      • WPF
      • Entity Framework
      • SQL Server Reporting Services
      • SQL Server 2019
      • MS Azure App Service
      • Azure DB

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