Case Study: Digital Assets Exchange App
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Digital assets exchange app

We developed a user-friendly crypto wallet that enables crypto exchange operations on the go.

Digital Assets Exchange App

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a fintech startup that successfully runs a crypto trading platform.

    Initially, the platform was created as a web app. However, its design was not adaptive. As a result, platform users who wanted to conduct their operations via a mobile phone faced difficulties and inconveniences. To improve the experience of its existing users and attract new ones, the company decided to start mobile development. Since the company lacked resources in its in-house team, it was time to bring in an experienced partner. Due to our extensive expertise in creating mobile applications, the client selected us for the project.


    At the client’s request, we started with wrapping the website in a mobile shell. This was to provide a temporary mobile solution for the platform’s users.

    However, this was a workaround, and the client was looking for another option that would be suitable for end-users and could be launched within a tight schedule.

    Given this schedule, for the first development stage, we agreed on an MVP solution with the most-wanted functionality: digital assets exchange.

    We developed a hybrid mobile application for iOS and Android on top of a web platform backend system. In order to allow users to seamlessly perform their trading operations without getting stuck in navigation, we focused on thoughtful, intuitive design with clear user flows. As a result, even an inexperienced user can easily buy, sell, send, receive, or swap digital assets in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and a few other currencies.

    To provide liquidity from multiple exchanges and ensure fast order fulfillment, KoinKoin has partnered with BitHolla, a company that provides infrastructure for trading software, wallet management and digital marketplaces.

    High-grade security is ensured due to blockchain, which is used to store all digital assets.

    Multi-stage verification and two-factor authentication enable compliance with security standards.



    To extend a user base, we developed a referral program that allows lower commissions for those who shared links with friends and bring new users.

    For real-time communication between users, we integrated a Trollbox chat.


    The MVP solution was a success, and it was enthusiastically adopted by the client and end-users. As a result, the next project stage — including a significant extension of the app’s functionality — was agreed upon, and work has already begun.

    Tech stack

    • Programming languages

      • React Native
    • Tools and technologies

      • React Navigation
      • Form React Hook
      • React Native Firebase
      • React Native Picker
      • Redux Toolkit
      • Moment
      • React Query
      • Sentry
      • Axios
      • i18next
      • React Native Async Storage
      • React Native Vision Camera
      • React Native WebView
      • Styled Components

    Project goal

    The project’s goal was to design a new mobile app by leveraging the web version and the existing app. The main focus area revolved around enhancing the user experience while considering the limitations that were already in place.

    Design process

    UI design

    First launch

    The app enables users to become acquainted with its features without requiring them to sign up.


    Dashboard allows to find the most important details: balance, buy / sell and exchange functions, connected wallets, history of transactions and portfolio structure.

    Swap crypto

    One of the main functions of the application SWAP crypto can be reached both from the dashboard of the application and from a specific wallet.

    Send / receive

    Accepting or receiving cryptocurrency is made simple through the use of a QR code scanning mechanism, as well as a code-sharing function.


    Markets tab displays real-time information on the prices and performance of various cryptocurrencies and allows users to track their portfolio and execute trades.

    Light theme / dark theme

    What we achieved

    Alongside specific design KPIs, we evaluate the success of the created design using general metrics such as the number of new users and engagement rate.

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