Information Security and Code Review

Information Security and Code Review

Code review is one of the most effective defect removal activities. There's no need to build the software or test it before the code review starts revealing the issues. Just looking at the code, keeping some code quality standards, typical mistakes or patterns in mind, it is possible to disclose many issues, including those hard to detect using other methods. Finding critical and hardly detectable issues early helps save efforts and resources, and avoid a damaged reputation and a decline in sales.

In order to be effective, code review should be conducted by skilled developers. EffectiveSoft has such "gurus" at hand. They may evaluate the level of quality of your code and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

EffectiveSoft delivers security code review services to customers and ensures information security of their projects. The code review services by EffectiveSoft are aimed to find out all possible vulnerabilities and shortcomings in software applications, to mitigate risks and to eliminate architectural flaws. We perform source code audits for our clients by combining automated tools and manual code review.

The most common code vulnerabilities we detect:

Security code review services by EffectiveSoft:

EffectiveSoft performs source code audits to find weakness in customer software project and to fix them. Secure software requires less updating through patches and the eliminating of code defects and vulnerabilities is much cheaper than fixing them after software release.

During the code review we check for vulnerabilities mentioned below:


We also offer:


During the independent code review process we mark architectural flaws and security vulnerabilities, moreover, EffectiveSoft experts make recommendations on how to eliminate existing problems and to perform code refactoring. EffectiveSoft is inclined to improve the quality of the code by the best possible means.


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Customer Advantages:

If you want to control the quality of your software and to get a secure software product without vulnerabilities, EffectiveSoft will provide you with impartial security code review to protect your solution.

Security code review by EffectiveSoft team brings significant benefits into customer projects:

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