Software Prototyping

Prototyping is one of the most demanded services among our customers. Generally, we offer this service along with system specification development. You get an opportunity to see the shape of your future solution before our software developers proceed to the development process.

Advantages of prototyping:

1. Visualization of your requests.

Your business requirements underlie the system specification. Our experts simultaneously make changes in the documentation and prototype to avoid contradictions and confusion and better understand the model of created system

2. GUI prototyping.

You get an opportunity to improve and test GUI at the early development stage. This opportunity is ideal when you want to gather feedback from users during development process.

3. Reduction of risks and development time decrease.

It is a complicated task to change something in the existing software product. Any change requires some modifications in documentation, specification, code and GUI. All changes must be necessarily verified by QA department.

4. Entice investors at the development stage.

Functioning prototype vividly demonstrates your business idea. You may demonstrate the prototype to would-be customers or investors.

How to order prototype development?

Contact our experts via this contact form.

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