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System Specification

EffectiveSoft analysts will conduct the comprehensive analysis for the realization of your IT project and provide system specification to ensure the development of the high end custom software solution.

system specification

Why you need system specification

When a thought of creating a custom software solution occurs to you, you have no full understanding of what it will be, not to mention specific features of software, performance characteristics etc.; it’s a general idea only. To ensure the optimality of the final solution, elaborate planning is necessary and system requirements have to be specified precisely.

With the competent assistance of our system analysts and most experienced software developers, each of whom specializes in their realm, your IT project will result in a successful, appropriate, effective and competitive software solution.

What we do

Requirements specification is a key document leading and determining the whole development process and the resulting program product. Our specialists therefore take a serious and skillful approach to specifying software requirements.

The profound expertise and knowledge of our system analysts allows considering the future software solution on all accounts and provide for every situation possible while working with the system beforehand:

  • We find it extremely important to take into consideration probable contradicting requirements of every interested party.
  • Our experts conduct the analysis of system requirements in close connection with business purposes and customer’s needs.
  • They analyze the expected target audience, the project scale and other conditions.

Advantages of System Requirements Specification

As a result, the system specification will contain:

  • multilevel requirements to the functional, operational environment, instructions,
  • requirements to front-end, including UI, program interface, hardware interface etc.
  • non-functional requirements will also be represented in the specification (e.g., performance, software quality criteria and standards, requirements to data safety, system security and/or design constraints and so on).

Our experts analyze business requirements, customer’s business processes, the automation object itself, as well as the competitive software products. All the results of system specification are systematized, analyzed and form the basis of custom software development in order to get the optimal, apt software solution. Moreover, the system specification allows estimating the cost of further development and the time of the whole project implementation.

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