Video e-Commerce Platform

The customer turned to EffectiveSoft with the request to remotely assist in-house team in the development of Video e-Commerce Platform. EffectiveSoft team was provided with the basic functional requirements which were later detailed in the course of the project.


Basic characteristics of the platform:

  • Powerful tools to keep control over the storefronts, merchandise, and sales, including the store activity in real time, the status of all orders, invoices and shipments.
  • Once the video content with branded products, generated leads, or donation is published elsewhere, the customers can share it with friends, partners, colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google and other social media platforms.
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools to manage stores in real time, including reports on sales, products, customers and video content viewed and shared.
  • Feature-rich Content Management System to manage storefronts, video assets, product catalogs and customers.
  • Compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to ensure secure payments.

Project Utilizes

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

4000 + man-hours

Project infrastructure

A project manager, 3 Java developer, 1 JavaScript developer



Lines of code

JavaScript: 25 000
Java: 80000


Java, JavaScript, HTML 5

Technologies & Tools

JavaScript, JPA, REST, WebServices, MySQL

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