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Cross-platform app as SaaS

Redeveloped by our React Native developers to let the Cloud Group offer highly secure and cost-efficient communication in the cloud for businesses and individuals.

Cross-Platform App as SaaS

    Customer & challenge

    The Cloud Group is a fast-growing Belgian telecom service provider specialized in cloud telephony. Being an independent B2B vendor, the company offers SaaS (Software as a Service) model to its local and European prospects.

    The customer contacted EffectiveSoft with the request to redevelop the CloudCall app, which had two separate code bases for iOS and Android, respectively. The Cloud Group wanted the app to be cross-platform with the look and feel of the latest iOS platform.

    Our weighty contribution

    EffectiveSoft offered robust cloud software and redeveloped the app within the React Native framework. This cross-platform development environment allowed us to write one single code base and seamlessly transfer the code between iOS and Android application platforms.

    For the customer it meant faster development cycle and time-to-market. What is more, in case the app functionality might need extensions or integration with other services in the future, everything can be painlessly done in one commonly shared code base. As for the quality of React Native-based app, it doesn’t lag behind the native one. The custom mobile app is as fast and responsive as it was expected to be.

    The app highlights

    The CloudCall app communicates with the custom PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system in the cloud via HTTP protocols by using VoIP technology. There’s nothing complicated in cloud calls – the user has the same Contacts and Favourites lists and the keyboard for dialing up the number. What is required to do is to set up the app so that it gets workable within the custom cloud system. Easy, secure and practical as it is.

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