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Multi-tenant booking platform

A flexible and customizable solution to effectively manage reservations of shared meeting-rooms and other facilities in a multi-tenant environment. An ultimate booking experience both for lessors and tenants.

Multi-tenant booking platform

    Customer & challenge

    We are partnering with a Norwegian technology company specializing in digital signage and development of space booking solutions for real estate, retail, banking institutions and local municipal organizations. By the time they reached out to EffectiveSoft, they had the platform on paper only. The customer’s interest was to have a highly competitive solution that would stand out amongst the similar ones in a number of features. And here our skills and knowledge found the place under the sun.

    Our contribution

    We performed business and competitor research and then made a product proposal. Our senior-level team developed the front- and back-end parts from scratch based on designed wireframes and functional requirements. GDPR compliance was one of the challenges. Being a relatively new data protection regulation, our team did manage to successfully deliver a GDPR-compliant solution prior to GDPR implementation worldwide.

    Platform attractiveness for everyone

    • Role-based access to dedicated workplaces for building admins, receptionists, tenants, and guests.
    • Customizability for lessors to adjust the platform to their needs: add images with rooms, furniture, and other add-ons; define pricing and booking terms.
    • Flexibility for tenants to book a room in a preferable location for a desired period of time. Event recurrence, parking lot, specific add-ons can also be requested straightaway.
    • Integration with other family applications like a digital signage system to stream necessary content in target locations.


    Front-end: HTML, CSS, LESS, Node.js, Gulp, Angular JS

    Back-end: Symfony, MySQL, PHP, Swagger, REST, Doctrine ORM

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