Apps Reporting

Developed for Plato Team as a one-page admin workplace to track the life cycle of their multiplayer hybrid games.

Customer & challenge

Plato Team is an ambitious startup made of Yahoo veterans who have a rich experience in Yahoo games under the belt. They develop a platform for multiplayer games, which combine the elements of instant chat, gaming, matchmaking, player ratings, and many more.

To track the life cycle of their solutions, the customer used a single-page Apps Reporting table with dynamic data. It allows tracking deployment status of multiple apps across versions, platforms and environments. Also, it gives insights into what has not been deployed or delivered to end-users yet.

Apps Reporting was based on the open-source programming language Golang. The customer wanted to enhance the front-end UI design so that it looks a bit interactive for better visualization purposes.

What and how we did

Firstly, we optimized the back-end to the extent it plays well with a new front-end. Then, we redeveloped the front-end part from the ground up based on Vue.js and TypeScript.

Due to a lightweight and flexible nature of Vue.js, the data from external sources coming in the JSON format is easily distributed over corresponding fields. The rows with the information that exceeds a set value get expandable for the ease of navigation. TypeScript enabled us to write a typesafe code, practically immune to runtime errors.

The customer received a secure admin part with a transparent insight into apps history over the Internet.


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