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P2P Lending Solution: Signia Money

Case Study: P2P Lending Solution

Expertise area: Web application development & design
Industry domain: Banking and Finance

Signia Money is an online platform offering peer-to-peer lending services and allowing lenders and borrowers to arrange deals with no intermediaries.

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Money Transfer Management System


Expertise area: Web development & design, application re-factoring and re-engineering
Industry domain: Financial services

Money Transfer Management System is one of enterprise level solutions, created by EffectiveSoft company. This web-based system offers remittance payment services globally.

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Allaudin Commodities – Online Trading Platform


Expertise area: Software development
Industry domain:Financial software

EffectiveSoft developed online trading platform for brokers, allowing their clients to participate in bidding on different stock exchanges and using a wide number of tools. This online platform provides rich capabilities for target audience and meets specified requirement for successful trading.

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Execution Management Trading System


Expertise area: Software development
Industry domain:e-Commerce, Trading

EffectiveSoft developed the Execution Management Trading System, which is a trading software solution, designed for asset managers, brokers and dealers, and other interested specialists. This trading system serves the purpose of efficient management and control of trading and execution processes across multiple asset classes.

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SMS Money Transfer App


Expertise area: SMS applications
Industry domain: Financial Services

This SMS software solution is a system notable for apt and efficient integration with the SMS messaging application, which enables SMS management, communication and notification.

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Online Merchant Platform


Expertise area: Application design & development, data safety, business analysis, risk management, CRM.
Industry domain: E-commerce.

This is a fully functional payment platform that enables merchants to sell their e-services centrally, with fast turn-around and high credibility. The platform is easily integrated with any payment gateway.

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Trading App for Android and BlackBerry


City Index mobile applications are awarded at MoneyAM Awards 2011 and at UK Forex Awards 2012 and 2013

Expertise area: Mobile application development
Industry domain:Financial Services

EffectiveSoft company presents Trading App for Android and BlackBerry. This mobile solution possesses functionally enabling users to work on online trading platforms, view market trends and indicators and sell and buy different positions.

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SafePin for iOS


Expertise area: Mobile Solutions
Industry domain:Business Apps

SafePin is a reliable and ingenious application for keeping PIN codes for credit cards. The digits are saved in a matrix in coloured segments, and only you know their location and the principle by which they are hidden.

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