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About Solution

Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform is a web-based personalized solution that offers web-site owners advanced tools to gain a deep insight into visitors’ online behavior, analyze what they do and how often in order to quantify the strength and weaknesses of the web-site content and online business performance.

Solution highlights

Advanced analysis >> behavioral analysis and auditable video-based history of all web-site visitor’s interactions. Visualization of captured data via a number of different charts and video recordings, statistics about visitors’ locations, duration of their presence on the web-site, social referrers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), clicks, keywords, filled-out forms, etc.

Segmentation >> as an event tracking monitor, which helps the web-site owners to determine how well the presented content or service offered meet customer’s needs. Tagging techniques to identify high-value customers through their preferences on a visitor and action-based level.

Conversion analysis >> application of conversion funnels, possibility to define scenarios and steps per funnel in order to maximize client conversions.

Reporting engines >> reports on web-site traffic, social media referrers, keyword entries and so on. Export of preferable information to PDF, Excel, SCV, XML files.

Digital Competitive Intelligence >> competitive analysis, global industry overview and proactive brand monitoring, which all together assist web-site owners in timely identifying of winning strategies, content and technologies.

Project History

The customer of EffectiveSoft is oopgo, a Digital Marketing IntelligenceTM company that offers innovative business solutions allowing an unprecedented insight into web and mobile visitors’ interactions across every website in existence.

The customer had Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform written in PHP4 and wanted to improve its business logic and overall design. The decision was to recreate the solution from scratch with the usage of up-to-date technologies. EffectiveSoft team was attracted to the project to assist the on-site team in the development of the client part.

What and How We Did

The front-end part of the platform has been written in PHP 5 based on Codeigniter framework. The Sphinx search engine was used for indexing of the database content due to its minimized impact on the application code.

The platform is still in the development phase; after all, our team did manage to excel as skilled and reliable specialists for a short period of time.

Project Resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

1200 man hours


2 back-end PHP developers (offshore), 1 front-end developer, 1 Linux specialist (on-site)




PHP, HTML, JavaScript

Technologies & Tools

Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.5, Codeigniter framework, Sphinx search engine, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Google API, Social networks APIs


Cross-industry application

Business need

Enhancement of the existing solution

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