Effective system for urgent care operations management
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Effective system for urgent care operations management

We streamlined urgent care centers’ workflows to improve patient experiences.

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a US-based urgent care operator that was looking to expand the network of their clinics. To effectively support administrative workflows within the growing clinic chain, interact with payers, manage electronic medical records (EMRs), automate daily tasks, and govern growing amounts of data, they needed a powerful solution.

    The development was started by another service provider,
but the tight schedule required further expansion of the development team with highly skilled, reliable engineers experienced in healthcare solutions. Therefore, the client turned to EffectiveSoft for assistance.

    • Client

      Urgent care operator

    • Country


    • Domain

    • Service

      Custom software development

    • Solution

      Patient management system

    • Technology

      .NET, Angular JS


    EffectiveSoft engineers worked closely with the client’s team to ensure timely completion of tasks and to respond quickly to updates and new requirements. Throughout the project, we accomplished the following assignments:

    • Implemented the agenda and scheduling functionality for medical staff.
    • Developed a comprehensive reporting system with support 
for exporting to PDF and CSV files.
    • Integrated CPT/ICD data into the application database of medical codes.
    • Enhanced the notifications system with the introduction of new features.
    • Completed the back-end development.
    • Developed AmiCare API for communication between the front-end and back-end parts, along with supplementary API documentation.

    EffectiveSoft leverages over 15 years of practical experience in providing healthcare software development for medical facilities. With our healthcare software outsourcing services, we help caregivers manage all kinds of complex data and contend with everyday issues on their way to improved patient outcomes.


    EffectiveSoft successfully completed the project within the specified timeframe and in line with all the client’s requirements. The result was a comprehensive, up-to-date system that enabled the client to streamline the efficiency of its urgent care operations and improve patient experience.

    Tech stack

    • Technologies & tools

      • .NET
      • MS SQL
      • Azure Blob Storage
      • Momenj
      • Entity Framework
      • SignaIR
      • AngularJS
      • JQuery
      • PDF Sharp & MigraDoc
      • SmartAdmin
      • Bootstrap

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