Case Study: Software That Simplifies Medical Device Billing
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Software that simplifies medical device billing

We developed a web portal that aggregates data from medical devices used in more than 29 countries.


    Our client is a company that designs and manufactures therapy lasers in the United States. The client provides healthcare professionals and athletic training teams with the most advanced therapeutic technology. Lasers work in conjunction with a set of Windows-based programs that control laser devices, change their modes, and collect emission logs.

    The payment for the software is subscription-based. To bill the device owners for the performed activities, the client’s employees manually collected activity logs from each device put in operation and calculated how much time lasers were in use.

    • Client

      A medical device company
    • Country

    • Service

    • Domain

    • Technology

      C/C++, .Net Core 3.1, MS SQL Server


    As the geography of customers expanded to 29 countries across the world, our client faced operational challenges. The workflow with manual log collection started causing overheads. To reduce costs and automate the process of collecting data from devices, the client decided to develop a cloud solution.

    The team at EffectiveSoft was chosen as a service provider and was entrusted to:

    • Create a web portal where all the data from medica devices would be displayed.
    • Remotely test the synchronization and interaction of the software with laser devices.


    Our team created a web portal that aggregates data from all the devices sold and placed in operation. The system filters collected logs and matches them with users and their devices. Thus, having information on the usage of devices displayed on a single web page greatly facilitates the invoicing process.

    Special attention was also paid to testing as physical devices were not available and operation and compatibility of the new software were tested remotely.


    How it works

    After customers buy a laser device, they register it by entering device ID and APIKey into the configuration file when installing the Windows application that controls the laser’s work. When the device information is verified and if it corresponds to the web portal’s data, the device logs are sent to the cloud.

    The client was satisfied with the quality of services rendered and we continue assisting with the project.

    Tech stack

    • Programming languages

    • Back-end

    • Continuous deployment

      • Azure DevOps
    • Tools

      • Azure Сloud
      • Microsoft Azure 
SQL Database
      • Azure App 
      • Azure Active Directory
      • Azure Application Insights
    • Unit tests

      • Partial coverage
      • nUnit

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