Case Study: Dedicated Application to Manage All Sports Activities
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Transforming fitness with all-in-one sports app

We developed a multifunctional mobile sports application allowing clients to cover all their fitness needs, from finding a nearby gym to buying equipment.

    Client and challenge

    Our client, a UAE startup, approached us with a request to develop
a mobile application offering users flexible access to sports facilities nationwide. We developed a dedicated application that enables users to find a suitable nearby gym and instantly purchase a subscription. The success of the application encouraged the client to expand 
the functionality of the app, incorporating more features that fitness enthusiasts are searching for online.

    Throughout the entire process, we solved the following tasks:

    • ensure stability under conditions of high load and rapid user base growth;
    • integrate a motivation system based on users’ daily physical activity;
    • add community building and interaction features;
    • create an in-app shop.


    For the basic application, the team chose architecture based on Golang microservices and Kubernetes for the backend. For the front end, our developers created Admin UI and a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

    New features were added to the mobile application and admin panel using the same architecture and tech stack.


    The team opted for microservices architecture to ensure scalability, provide concurrency support, and integrate external services.

    Using Golang, our engineers built several microservices, each responsible for its own domain.

    To develop and implement new features in parallel, we split functionality into microservices. This also helped us significantly reduce development time and speed up the launch.

    Mobile app

    The basic mobile app provides a map and an overview of all available sports facilities, along with working hours, services offered, booking options, etc.

    The user can purchase a monthly subscription with automatic renewal or a subscription for several months. Both types offer unlimited access to partner gyms within the network. The app also lets users book sessions with specific trainers at participating gyms.

    Admin panel

    The admin panel helps create and manage the app content and configure the app’s settings. Administrator accounts are created for gym administrators, challenge organizers, and vendors.

    Facility administrators post relevant information, provide timely updates, set notifications, and track visitor attendance. Challenge administrators can create descriptions, set rules, monitor cheating, etc.

    A dedicated interface for partner vendors on the admin panel allows them to add goods and services, modify card descriptions, and track purchases.

    The panel also allows admins to create various kinds of reports and export them easily.

    UX / UI design

    When we started the engagement, the client provided a design concept from another team. Upon request, we conducted an audit of an existing design that concluded the previously existing design had poor usability and didn’t fully take into account user experience best practices. We were also concerned by a weak association of the overall aesthetics 
with the brand message and values.

    With the data gathered through the set of workshops held 
with the client, our design experts created a visual concept and key user flows for the app.

    Then, our team built informational architecture, created mockups, and tested their usability with a clickable prototype. After the launch, we gathered feedback that proved that 
the users had a very positive experience with the app.

    Additional features

    Activity tracking

    We implemented a physical activity tracking feature through a diagram on the main screen. The goal was to color-fill the diagram sections, indicating that the daily target for steps and calories burned has been reached. Using data from Apple Health and Google Fit, the app awards points for each step and calorie. These points can subsequently be converted into coins, enabling users to make purchases in the in-app shop.


    The client regularly initiates competitions focused on the number of steps or calories burnt, motivating users from all over the world to be more active. In addition, organizations can create corporate challenges and engage in intercorporate competitions to encourage employees to engage in more physical activity. To ensure fair play, we came up with an anti-cheating mechanism, which detects when steps have been entered into Apple Health or Google Fit manually.

    Community section

    This section was created to connect users and build a community of like-minded people who share a love of sports and fitness. The feature allows users to search for and add friends, monitor their activity, and “like” their achievements records. Users can see the challenges their friends participate in and keep track of each others’ performance, which ensures competitive spirit and peer support.


    The client decided to enrich the functionality of the app and generate additional revenue by launching an in-app online shop. This dedicated section of the app has all the attributes of an online shop, offering four categories of goods: apparel, services, equipment, and accessories. The section provides users with easy access to products while offering vendors an additional sales platform that aligns with their target audience.

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    The result was a successful platform connecting fitness facilities, coaches, and their clients. The enhanced functionality facilitated single-app access to a multitude of features relevant to sports enthusiasts. This expansion not only broadened the audience but also enhanced user loyalty and created new sources of revenue for the client.

    The engineers at EffectiveSoft continue to cooperate with the client.


    Tech stack

    • Backend

      • SendGrid
      • PostgreSQL
      • Echo
      • Amazon EKS
      • AWS SNS
      • Stripe
      • Golang
      • gRPC
    • Admin panel

    • iOS

      • Swift
      • Google Maps
      • Firebase
      • TestFlight
      • Lottie
      • Storyboard
      • Xib
      • SnapKit
      • Moya
      • Alamofire
      • Stripe
      • ApplePay
      • Apple Health
    • Android

      • Kotlin
      • Kotlin Coroutines
      • Google Maps
      • Google Fitness Services
      • Firebase
      • Hilt
      • Retrofit2
      • OkHttp3
      • Room
      • Timber
      • Glide
      • Stripe
      • FlowBinding
    • AWS

      • AWS SNS
      • AWS ECR
      • AWS EKS
      • AWS VPC
      • AWS KMS
      • AWS IAM
      • AWS S3
      • AWS Cloudfront
      • AWS RDS
      • AWS SecretsManager
      • AWS Certificate Manager
      • Terraform

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