Interactive Multimedia Training System

The entire course covers theory with illustrations and interactive tasks in the form of questions and role games. Theoretical material and instructions are voiced by a virtual teacher. The training system can be used both on the Web and as a standalone Flash application. Since the IKEA network is present in many countries worldwide, it was necessary to have the system that supports a number of languages for successful staff training.

Project background

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to localize the content of the training system. The development team was provided with the English version of the system and detailed scenarios for the entire course. Considering the language differences (for example, the position and size of a text within the text frames), it was agreed upon to develop multimedia components from scratch without significant discrepancy from the English version. To eliminate the risks of re-work, EffectiveSoft attracted a QA team to test the system at each of its development milestones and a team of expert-verifiers to check localized texts and whether they are in full compliance with the design and functional requirements.

The project covered the following stages:

  • Requirements specification
  • Content localization
  • Content verification
  • Design and development
  • System testing


During collaboration between our companies, three intermediate deliveries and one major release were successfully completed. Each developer has skills in several technologies and fields. Team members are experienced in development, management, architecture creation taking into account application specifics and requirements.

EffectiveSoft proved itself to be a reliable partner

Project resume

Project workload

More than 1400 man-hours

Technology domains

Flash applications, localization


Action-Script 2.0

Technologies & Tools

Macromedia Flash

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