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Customer Support and Helpdesk

EffectiveSoft has a broad experience in realizing software solutions for customer support, call centers, helpdesks. Automation of customer support service includes helpdesk systems development, which allows improving efficiency in client servicing, cut down the expenses of the enterprise concerning customer support. EffectiveSoft renders customer support services, organizing a dedicated team of helpdesk operators.

Helpdesk / Call Center Solutions

EffectiveSoft offers services of organizing a dedicated offshore customer support department for call/contact center/helpdesk.

At the working hours, convenient for the customer (on the night shift as well, which will enable around-the-clock work of your contact center and uninterrupted duty of your customer support personnel), a team of operators will carry out Customer Support:

Each team member goes through special training, and the entire dedicated team of operators immerse into the customer's domain completely. If you are interested in establishing an offshore dedicated customer support team/an offshore helpdesk center, Contact us.

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Call center software with helpdesk systems development

EffectiveSoft offers programming services, in particular full-cycle development of software for call centers with imbedded helpdesk systems.

Call centers are designed and customized depending on the customer domain, call center workload and specific user enquiries. In some cases simple, transparent solutions are needed. Sometimes complicated systems of customer support with an embedded help desk require constant support and Continuous Evolution.

Other call center / helpdesk solutions

Besides, complex software systems for the management of all customer contacts can be developed, and some other software solutions can be realized:

If you are interested in realizing a custom call center software solution, Contact us for further details.


An IT solution is realized in order to help the customer company perform client support and helpdesk functions or automate most features of the company's helpdesk environment, such as:

A custom software solution for call center/helpdesk is realized, which will be a unique system for your enterprise. If you are interested in the realizing a custom call center/helpdesk solution, Contact us for use cases and more detailed information.

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Why EffectiveSoft?

EffectiveSoft approaches the matter in a very professional manner, having a substantial experience in helpdesk/call center solutions:

To have a clear view of helpdesk/call center solutions and services by EffectiveSoft, see one of our Customer Support/Helpdesk Services Case Studies.

How we organize remote client support centers

EffectiveSoft handles the matter of rendering this kind of services seriously and with real skill:

  1. working out tutorials for new customer support service employees
  2. carrying out recruitment arrangements, organizing training courses
  3. realizing work site arrangement
  4. monitoring the performance of an employee's duties

EffectiveSoft possesses facilities, knowledge and expertise to organize a team, arrange staff recruitment and personnel training.

Being a software development company, EffectiveSoft can provide conditions and both establish an offshore team for helpdesk services, as well as organize an onshore custom support team. Contact us for further details, if you are interested in a custom support/helpdesk IT solution.

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