Computer-Based Training System

CBT/TRIZ is a Computer-based Training system for innovative e-learning and e-training. This unique and powerful platform for mastering educational and training skills includes many features that allow you to create interactive and different courses to your needs and training requirements. You can use CBT/TRIZ to create any course from a simple theory-based introduction to a complex training system with a set of theoretical topics and practical tasks. You can reuse courses and combine the material in whichever way that is suitable for you.

About Solution

Access to CBT is defined by a role that is assigned by the CBT administrator. Hence, the user with the teacher role creates courses and carries out interactive training. The user with the learner role goes through the published course and performs some final tests at the end. Depending on the target audience, the course might include several groups with different e-learning level.

The CBT allows the user to:

Technical characteristics of the system:

Project background

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to create a courseware system that included a set of tools easy to use even for the novice users.

The project started with the development of the system prototypes so that the customer had a choice of different versions to make a right decision for the future product. This step was obligatory as, along with the software development, EffectiveSoft was requested to create a multimedia content of scientific and technical nature.

After the first product release, EffectiveSoft developed the second version, which was entirely different. It is characterized by significantly improved functionality, new features and design, new administering workflows. The requirements for this version were determined by the positive market reaction and specific wishes of the target end-user audience.


Project resume

Project workload

More than 40 000 man-hours

Lines of code

More than 150 000

Technologies & Tools

MS Visual Studio 2005, MS Office, IIS, DevExpress, Subversion


Winforms (.NET 2.0), XML, WSE 3.0


C++, C#, SQL

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