GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System is an integrated web-based solution designed for keeping track of vehicles on the geographic map, managing company-related data and display of a single vehicle or a group of vehicles on the map.

Solution Highlights

The system consists of the following web-parts:

A geographic map

It has route numbers, allows showing or hiding zoom, coordinates and scale controls for a better map display.

Search through a map

Search through a map

The user can find a necessary place on the map by using the following search types:

- Country, Province, City, BCGS, LSD, or NTS.

BCGS, LSD and NTS are specific data related to oil and gas sectors.

Managing companies, vehicles and transportation divisions

The system enables the user to create a customer base with vehicles (units) or a group of vehicles (divisions) belonging to a certain company; track location of necessary units on the map by dates.

Tank rental management

Tank rental management

Tank rental management

It is also possible to manage tank list, customer and contact list, create tank orders and invoices, generate service reports.

Each tank can have the following states: Active, Rented, Need repair, or On maintenance.

For each active tank, the user is able to create a new task and related invoice.

Reports may be represented both in graphic or text format. There are 8 different report types.

Automated customer setup

Automated customer setup

A new customer can add all necessary data to the system (such as Devices, Assets, People, Bases, Divisions and subsidiaries) and use a newly generated SharePoint website along with the above parts as one integral system.

Project History & Achievements

A customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to extend the functionality of the existing CRM system by adding a number of new modules for managing vehicles and tracking their movement on the map.

The goal of the EffectiveSoft team was to develop such modules that could be smoothly integrated into the available system. Since the existing CRM system was based on MS SharePoint, we developed additional modules based on SharePoint web-part, MS SQL technologies and C# language, including:

GPS-related modules

Additional modules

All the web-parts listed above are used as one integral system. The layout of the web-site may be configured using basic SharePoint features and the customer is able to create different sets of pages for specific purposes.

Project Resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

About 10 man-months

Project infrastructure

Project manager
Software development team, HTML coder
QA team


Functional specification, test cases, test plan

Lines of code

35 000

Technology domains

Software Architecture, Web Applications, Web Services


C#, JavaScript, SQL

Technologies & Tools

.NET, SharePoint, MS SQL, Subversion, Visio, Visual Studio, IIS

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