CRM solution for monitoring KPIs and streamlining logistics operations
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Design concept of a CRM solution for monitoring KPIs and streamlining logistics operations

MGLogistic simplifies KPI monitoring (e.g., orders, shipping times, customer satisfaction, transportation costs) and streamlines logistics systems (orders, billing, customer relations). Enables in-depth trend analysis for quick, informed responses.

Project goal

The project’s goal was to establish an accessible system for intuitively managing logistics processes. This involved the transformation of extensive textual data into visual graphics, charts, and tables for enhanced comprehension and ease of use.

Secondary research

We conducted an analysis of secondary data used in logistics to optimize processes and make informed decisions in the field of logistics.


The dashboard displays vital metrics: Top Vehicles, Vehicles in Yard, Dispatched Vehicles, Drivers, ‘Arrived and Dispatched Vehicle’ charts, most active drivers, delivery statistics, paid bills, and completed truck deliveries.

Cargo tracking

The Cargo Tracking module features comprise a page featuring a table displaying shipment dates, addresses, contacts, status, cargo information and etc. For efficient sorting and management, the table is categorized into ‘All,’ ‘Delivered,’ and ‘Cancelled’ shipments.


The Vehicle module provides an overview of all vehicles within the system, enabling efficient management and tracking of each vehicle’s information.

Distance calculation

The Distance Calculation page facilitates the precise measurement of distances between various points, aiding in route planning and logistics. Users can input locations to obtain accurate distance calculations, optimizing transport planning and efficiency.


The Reports page hosts vital charts that offer comprehensive insights into pricing trends, cargo statistics across sectors, and both monthly and annual turnover dynamics.

Dark theme

Adaptive design

Considering the nature of data-rich dashboards, our adaptive design ensures convenient viewing of information on mobile devices. This enables instant access a wealth of data and effective interaction with dashboards, enhancing overall system usability.

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