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Optimized transportation management system

The desktop solution we modified ensures effective planning and execution of logistic operations.

    Client and challenge

    Our client, a Sweden-based software development company, helps businesses streamline transport and logistics operations by providing a transportation management system and after-sale support. Growing market demands led to a need for more agile and efficient system functionality. To implement new features and enhancements, the client invited EffectiveSoft to join the long-term project.


    transportation management system interface

    The system we worked on is aimed at helping personnel in the transportation industry effectively manage shipment orders, vehicle load, and transportation from a centralized location. It’s designed as a desktop client-server application with an integrated system of order generation and accumulation from the Internet.

    The system enables the user to:

    • Consolidate orders and assign them to drivers
    • Communicate an order or other relevant data to the carrier via mobile device
    • Manage vehicles and their workload status
    • Track each vehicle’s location on the map
    • Calculate freight costs, manage invoices, and print out documents


    How we contributed:

    • Enabled communication support for new device types, such as Falcom MAMBO and Benefon Twig (personal GPS trackers), Falcom STEPP (car tracker).

    • Created a number of utilities for a bus dispatcher center (e.g. utility for making remote changes in TETRA base station configuration via a custom application protocol over TCP/IP).

    • Provided SMS printer support to allow truck drivers to print out receipts, receive information, and approve or reject orders.

    • Developed a new customer Internet orders theme that supports Nexus DB.

    • Implemented text messages exchange between system users using Jabber protocol. All messages go through a server where full message history is stored.

    • Delivered integration with Google Maps to display the vehicles’ location.

    • Enhanced functionality for Internet orders.

    • Developed mobile applications for tracking the location of drivers and vehicles.

    From optimizing delivery schedules to enhancing supply chain management, our comprehensive logistic solutions are tailored to tackling the logistic business complexities and streamline your logistics operations.


    We improved the system to provide more flexibility, transportation visibility, better internal communication, and improved order management. Upon the successful deployment on the customer’s side, the system passed the SAT (System Acceptance Test). The client continued cooperation with EffectiveSoft to embed further enhancements in the system.

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